IBAN Deposit Bonus

Get 100 HI Bonus for IBAN Deposits

To celebrate the launch of personal IBANs, for every 1 Euro or Pound Sterling you deposit to your personal IBAN at hi, we’ll match it with 1 HI in your Flexible. The bonus is capped at 200 HI per member, so if you deposit 100 Euros and 100 GBP, you’ll get 200 HI back.

Once you’ve successfully deposited fiat into your personal IBAN, you can then easily use our Convert feature to get stablecoins or other Crypto, and start trading or earning within the hi App. 

What can I use my IBAN for?

1. It’s the fastest way to get fiat into your hi. Just send an instant transfer from your regular bank account and it will arrive in your hi IBAN almost instantly. 

2. You can then convert your fiat to stablecoins or cryptocurrencies, and use it to buy other cryptos on the hi platform.

3. Importantly, to make a purchase with the upcoming hi Debit Card, you will need to have funds in your IBAN account (either Euros or Pound Sterling) or hold crypto assets. 

First things first…
Haven’t got your personal IBAN from hi yet? Sign in to the App and activate your IBAN now! 

All members from the UK or EEA countries with ID Verification Level 1; or Gold members and above with ID Verification Level 2, are eligible to activate personal IBANs.

Deposit by…
Simply deposit EUR or GBP to your IBAN, and no further steps are required! The minimum deposit amount is 10 EUR or 10 GBP. 

Get paid in Flexible HI
1 HI will be paid as a bonus for every 1 EUR or GBP deposited to your IBAN. Bonuses will be paid out at the end of the campaign period, and in Flexible HI – which means – no lock-up! Each member can get a maximum of 200 HI bonus in this campaign.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Head to your hi Mobile App and deposit via IBAN now!


Currently, only members from the UK or EEA countries and Gold tier members and above are eligible to apply for a personal IBAN. 

The bonus is capped at 100 HI per member per currency. 

Imagine these scenarios; 

Member A deposits 50 EUR today, 50 EUR tomorrow. Member A gets 100 HI bonus. 

Member B deposits 100 EUR today, 100 EUR tomorrow. Member B gets 100 HI bonus. 

Member C deposits 100 EUR today, 100 GBP tomorrow. Member C gets 200 HI bonus. 

The bonus is capped at 100 HI for each currency. In total you can get up to 100 HI for EUR deposits, and 100 HI for GBP deposits. In total, that adds up to 200 HI. 

Your bonus will be credited to your Flexible.

Please email membersupport@hi.com if you’re waiting for more than 48 hours to activate your IBAN. 

No. For example, if you deposit 75.5 Euros, you will receive 75 HI as a bonus.

Terms & Conditions

  • Members from EEA / UK / Gold Tier + members can apply for personal IBAN and top up with EUR or GBP to be eligible for the Bonus
  • Minimum Deposit Amount is 10 EUR / 10 GBP
  • Ongoing Campaign Duration. Applies to any top-ups starting 13th October 00:01 GMT 
  • Bonus is capped at 100 HI per member per currency. 200 HI maximum per member. 
  • Bonus will be paid to Flexible within 10 days of the deposit.

    Please write to membersupport@hi.com in case of any issues

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