100 HI For Everyone

100 HI in Free Casino Bets for Everyone!

You just received 100 HI in free bets

Sign in to hi.casino.io today to redeem your 100 HI in free casino bets. No deposit necessary!

Too good to be true? Go check it out for yourself!

Important Update

Due to the overwhelming response to the campaign, some people may experience an error message when trying to sign in. Our partners at Yolo are aware and working on increasing capacity. We will be updating as issues are resolved. All free bets will still be there waiting for all members.

So how does it work?

Redeeming your free bets is really simple.

  1. Sign in to hi.casino.io using your hi credentials
  2. Check your Casino balance of +100 HI
  3. Play anything!

If it’s your first time visiting hi.casino.io, you can expect to find a fully licensed crypto casino with professional interactive Live Dealers, for Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and more. What’s more there are 100s of live slots games to choose from, as well as a huge sportsbook enabling you to bet on almost any sport, including the FIFA World Cup, the T20 Cricket World Cup, the English Premier League… and even e-sports.

So what are you waiting for? Sign in to hi.casino.io today and redeem your free 100 HI.

You can also simply open your hi App and go to Settings to enter hi.casino.io.


The campaign runs until the 11th November 2022.

No, you won’t be able to withdraw your bonus until you have wagered for 100 HI or more.

You can deposit instantaneously into your hi.casino.io account using any supported assets that you hold with hi.

Unfortunately, if your jurisdiction is a restricted gaming market you will not be able to sign in to the Casino to participate in this campaign.

Participation in this campaign is of course optional, but the bonus can only be redeemed by wagering in the Casino. Please refer to the campaigns page on hi.com to learn about other ways you can earn HI.

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