2 Year Birthday – Calling Loyal Fans!

Next month, we celebrate 2 years since the launch of hi. In many ways it seems like just yesterday we sent our Telegram Bot out into the world, but then again so much has happened since… Our community is now more than 3.5 million people strong, and we are proud to have an App, Card and Exchange that are really shaping-up to be game-changers.

As Co-Founder Sean always reminds us however, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

Are you hi's most loyal fan?

To mark the 2-Year Birthday celebration we want to find and reward hi’s most loyal fans. We’re partnering with Galxe to issue 10,000 HILANDER OATs, as well as 10 limited edition, extra special golden OG OATs that will be granted only to hi’s most loyal community members.

Taking part is easy:

Step 1 - Claim Your HILANDER OAT (Silver)


Claim one of 10,000 HILANDER OATs by visiting our campaign page on Galxe and completing the steps. You must complete all the steps to get an OAT, and 250 lucky claimants will also be issued 1,000 Flexible HI.

If you’re new to hi, please note we are invite-only and you’ll need a referral name to sign up. Please use ‘sean’.

The claimable period for Silver OATs commences on 17th April.

Step 2- Register for an OG-HILANDER OAT (Golden)

Keep an eye on our Socials and the Galxe campaign page, for a reveal of a 2nd campaign, where we will issue 10 special, limited edition Golden OG OATs. Register your name, and you will be considered for nomination as one of 10 OGs. Note that only members who claim a HILANDER OAT (Step 1) will be in consideration for nomination as an OG.

What does a OG-HILANDER OAT entail you to?

Well, most importantly the honour and bragging rights of being a true OG community member and one of hi’s 10 most loyal fans. But what’s more, you’ll get all these great prizes:


  • Limited Edition hi Team T-shirt. Part of the OG-Drop of Merch and normally reserved for Staff only.
  • Black Dad Cap from hi, to keep the sun off and turn the cool up.
  • 10,000 Flexible HI.
  • Preferential treatment and rewards in future campaigns.


Don’t forget to share your participation to social using the hashtag #HILANDERS, and tell us why you think you, or one of your fellow community members deserves to be nominated as an OG-HILANDER.

How will the OGs be chosen?

Once all the registrations are complete and the campaign closes, the OGs will be chosen based on consultation with hi community leaders. And what’s more, we’ve reserved 2 x OG OATs (of the 10) to welcome new members to the hi community – so everyone can take part. 

In Summary:

17th-26th April: Period for claiming HILANDER OATs (10,000)
1st May-5th May: Period for registering for OG OATs (10)
10th May: 2-Year Birthday Celebration and Reveal of OG-HILANDERS

Read the Full Terms & Conditions and FAQ here.

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