New! 200 Million $HI LP Pool

Is this the world's most generous liquidity rewards program?

Starting today, 200 Million HI has been allocated to liquidity providers who add liquidity to the HI/BUSD pair on PancakeSwap, or the HI/USDC pair on Uniswap v2, and then stake those Liquidity Provider tokens on in the GIGA pool. You heard right, 200 million HI!

Liquidity providers can choose between two pools offering high yield returns:

The new “GIGA Pool”:

  • 200 Million HI in Rewards (100M HI each for BSC + ETH pools)
  • 12 months deposit lockup on LP tokens
  • Rewards pay out commences 365 days after staking date

The existing “MEGA” pool:

  • 10 Million HI in Rewards
  • 6 months deposit lockup on LP tokens
  • Rewards pay out 6 months after staking date

Note: It pays to get in early, liquidity providers can expect a very high APY on deposits made nearer the beginning of the program.


How long will my tokens be locked in the GIGA pool for?
Your LP token deposit is locked in the pool for 365 days, after which you can choose to un-stake your LP tokens or leave them there. The program duration is 2 years.

How are rewards calculated?
Overall, 200 Million HI have been allocated as rewards for participants in the GIGA pool. Your rewards are calculated based on your percent share of the liquidity pool according to the APY and number of LP tokens you have staked at any time.

Will the APY remain constant?
No, the APY will fluctuate depending on the number of participants and LP tokens in the pool.

When will my rewards become available for claim?
Your rewards will begin to become available 365 days from the day you deposit your LP tokens.

Will rewards for the full period my LP tokens are staked be paid out on the same day?
No. For example, if you make a deposit on 15th Feb 2022, your rewards based on your percent share of the pool on that day will be paid out on 15th Feb 2023. Rewards for the 16th Feb 2022, will be paid out on the 16th Feb 2023, and so on. Rewards are paid out based on block time.

Can I deposit more than once?
Yes, we encourage people to make multiple deposits during the program duration. You can see an overview of your deposits on the Deposit page on

What happens if I deposit LP tokens with less than 12 months of the program remaining?

You will earn rewards for the remaining period of the program, at which point you will be able to un-stake your LP tokens. Your rewards will be paid out 365 days from when you made your deposit.

First time providing liquidity?

If you haven’t tried liquidity providing before, don’t worry it’s not as complicated as you might think

You can start by watching this short tutorial which will guide you through how to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap and get Rewards on

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