4 Easy Ways to Make Your Crypto Savings Work Harder

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Crypto Savings Work Harder

To make money for our members, not off them. That’s a mantra we live by at hi.

Those familiar with Crypto Savings and Earnings products will feel they are in an inner circle of people who know a secret the rest of the world has yet to wake up to. Yes, for a long time now it has been possible to earn much higher rates on your holdings, than you would do with your bank.

HODL-ing your crypto assets with hi just got a whole lot more interesting. Here are 4 great reasons to deposit your crypto assets with hi and take advantage of our brand new Earnings product:

  1. Earn High Yield of up to 40% APY
  2. Flexible durations, with no long-term commitments required. You can deposit your crypto holdings from anything between 7 – 365 days. 
  3. Most importantly of all, and especially for those who believe that the hi Dollar will go to the MOON – Yield is paid out in hi Dollars!
  4. As an additional Bonus, remember that by holding our membership token the hi Dollar, you get access to additional lifestyle benefits, like Masterclass Subscriptions and great rates at 5* hotels.

    Log in to your hi account at web.hi.com to get started with Crypto Earnings.

With no hidden fees, and no reason to wait, our Earnings product supports deposits of the following cryptos – BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BNB, USDC, USDT and more – and all yield is paid in HI.

Review all our rates here: 

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