5 new convert pairs

5 New Pairs in hi Convert!

Switch between tokens instantly with minimal fees? Using hi Convert is a no-brainer.

The crypto world moves fast and relentlessly. It is important for traders to be able to smoothly convert digital assets from one to another in parallel with market changes. That’s why we are enabling more trading pairs in hi Convert — a swift and super easy solution for you.

Popular tokens, ADA, AVAX, DOT, SOL, and XRP, are now added on top of the current USDT <—> BTC, DOGE, ETH, LTC pairs in hi Convert.

We are expanding the list…

You can now deposit and effortlessly convert tokens listed below to and from USDT with hi Convert:

  • ADA NEW!
  • DOT NEW!
  • SOL NEW!
  • XRP NEW!
  • BTC
  • DOGE
  • ETH
  • LTC

How about LUNA, MATIC, … and more? Yes, we’re on it. 

As hi aspires to be the world’s fastest and most secure crypto and fiat exchange, we are working on adding more options to Convert, and soon members of hi will be able to convert 100+ of more tokens seamlessly with minimal to zero charges. 

How to Convert in a flash

  1. Select “Convert” from the main menu.
  2. Choose the currency you want to convert and enter the amount.
  3. Check the conversion rate and click “Convert” to complete.

Head to Web App or mobile apps to try converting now:

Converting in hi - Video Tutorial

Here is a 30-second video to show you how fast it can be:

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