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A Payment Ecosystem and a Wallet Provides Users Full Control Over their Digital Assets

Prioritising user experience is a primary factor in decentralised finance applications. 

A wallet and an appropriate payment ecosystem that is straightforward and focuses on giving users total control are the missing links in the current Web3 landscape. All along, user experience has been a major pain point when trying to bridge decentralised finance (DeFi) with traditional finance. The complicated nature of the crypto wallets and applications results in major frustrations on the part of the customers. Taking a closer look, you will realise that user experience was not the priority. 

To make things worse, users are faced with self-custodial wallets, which are complex and require a deep understanding of how they work, versus custodial apps that are pretty user-friendly. However, the latter requires users to relinquish their keys and coins. 

Focus on User Experience can Help with Long Term Adoption 

More projects are realising that they need to prioritise users and deliver the best experience. One example is Divi Wallet, which has changed its approach and is now putting more focus on delivering top-notch experiences. 

Created to provide an intuitive user experience, Divi Wallet allows users to work with more than 270 coins and manage them directly. The wallet is releasing the latest cache of features for its users to buy, swap, and store cryptos with ERC-20 support

Offering a wallet experience that matches the expectations of the users is the first step in winning the trust of mainstream users. The Divi project is guided by the mantra, “crypto made easy.” The team sticks by this mantra when working on applications, adding advanced features, and onboarding new users to their platforms. 

They want to ensure that users have total control over their cryptos and enjoy the benefits of decentralised finance (DeFi) without barriers that might have negative implications on their user experience. Divi’s self-custodial mobile wallet is pretty easy to use, providing users total control over their keys and coins. 

It is true that simplifying the complexities of a fragmented crypto system is never easy, but the Divi project is targeting to re-shape the landscape and simplify the applications to make them easy to navigate through. Divi Labs has partnered with Prime Trust to offer fiat on and off-boarding. Using the wallet, you can buy USDT, LTC, ETH, BTC, and USDC with a debit card, credit card, wire transfer, or selected bank accounts. 

“All the pieces are now in place to make DIVI as accessible and usable as humanly possible. This release is the culmination of years of hard work, coordination, perseverance, and fortitude by the team. What’s funny is, everyone sees this as a major catalyst for growth and, while I agree, I would argue that this sets in place the infrastructure required for growth. The catalyst is something no one will see coming,” says Nick Saponaro, the CEO of Divi Labs. 

For newcomers, the user experience is very important. If they come and get a negative first impression, there is a major risk of losing them. This is why wallets like Divi are helping to bridge the gap between DeFi and TradeFi

In May 2022, Divi unveiled new features with its partner, LaLiga, during a half-time show at a match in Sydney.

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