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A Welcome Gift from hi

Get up to 40% deposit bonus by transferring USDT or ETH to hi

Finding a place to store your cryptos safely and earn a high yield at the same time? hi is the right place for you. 

We’re welcoming friends from BlockFi, Celsius, Crypto.com, Nexo (and more) to join the hi family with a deposit bonus. 

The more USDT or ETH you transfer to hi, the more deposit bonus you will get. Plus, you can get an extra 11% APY on USDT & 5.5% APY on ETH with Flexible Earn. Yield paid out in-kind every Friday, no lock-up!

The deposit bonus will be paid out in HI (our native token) based on the amount of the USDT or ETH deposit equivalent to the value of US Dollar at the time of deposit. 

Eligible participants will receive the bonus in HI in their Vault wallet where it will remain for 90 days. The bonus will then be released from Vault to Flexible daily over 1 year, on the condition that the deposit principal remains in the participant’s Flexible wallet for the 90-day period.

Simply move your USDT or ETH on hand to hi Flexible to grow your assets. No hidden costs. No maximum deposit limit. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

How to participate?

1. Create your hi account (Use referral nickname ‘Sean’ if you need one)

2. Transfer USDT or ETH from BlockFi, Celsius, Crypto.com, and Nexo to hi

3. Send an email to bonus@hi.com quoting your hi nickname and the TXID or withdrawal screenshot from a Celsius, Nexo, BlockFi, or Crypto.com wallet address.

💡If you wish to transfer USDT or ETH from other platforms, you can also write to us at bonus@hi.com to enquire about participation.

Read full T&Cs here.

Get started

Download the hi App and create your own account!

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