AMA Recap | 27th January

Thank you for joining us on the live AMA (Ask Me Anything) with hi co-founder Sean and Head of Marketing Sam on Thursday, 27th January. 

Sean and Sam answered questions pre-submitted by the community and questions posted during the Livestream. Topics covered include our latest updates about rewards, products, tokens, upcoming features, membership benefits, and much more. 

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can watch the recorded broadcast here 👇

Let us walk you through the key content: 

Status update on progress to date

3M+ Members | 1.5M App Downloads | 187 Markets 

$200M+ AUM | Investment from CMCC, Hashkey, Hashed, Longling

We recently reviewed data and performance across acquisition, token sales and product penetration to devise new strategies – which were introduced in hi’s Whitepaper 2.0. 

It’s now time to take things to the next level. Sticking with our mission to introduce the first 1 billion people to crypto, our focus remains 100% on designing experiences that increase the value of our token HI for stakeholders. Our development will follow 3 phases:

Phase 1: hi Super App 
Phase 2: Decentralized hi
Phase 3: hi DAO & Metaverse

💡A fortnightly Transparency Report has been published with all the most important numbers relating to community and token. We’ll publish this on the website every 2 weeks moving forward.

Before going to Q&A, here’s what’s new in 2022

  • Deposit USD via bank transfer at  true cost, 1:1 ratio for USDT 👉🏻 learn more 
  • Earn flexible yield of 11% on USDT, or 5.5% on ETH, with no lockup 👉🏻  learn more 
  • Starting next week, you’ll be able to Convert USDT to other tokens 👉🏻 learn more
  • We’ve reduced withdrawal fees 👉🏻 learn more
  • We’ve added new tokens, including $ADA $SOL 👉🏻 learn more
  • We’ve launched hi Play with 10 new play-to-earn games 👉🏻 learn more 
  • We’ve introduced a number of security updates including biometric verification and improvements to safeguard our systems
  • We are improving the Buy with Credit Card functionality

A quick summary of your questions…

Rewards Updates


  • Increase number of active contributors amongst membership base
  • Ensure Rewards are distributed sooner to the most active and supportive stakeholders
  • Make more members aware of the benefits and have deeper engagement with products and services

Starting from March 1st 2022:


Are the rewards updates applicable for both new and old members?

The rewards updates are applicable for members joining BOTH before and after March 1st 2022.

When will my rewards unlock?

After you’ve passed KYC Level 1 and staked 100HI, rewards will unlock on the first day of each month, starting March 1st 2022. Much sooner than originally planned. 

If my downstream friends haven’t staked 100 HI, are my rewards counted as “active” ?

As long as your downstream friends have passed ID Verification (KYC), your rewards will be counted as “active”. 

How do I know if my downstream friends have passed KYC?
You will be able to see how many of your rewards are active and how many downstream friends have passed KYC soon. Please bear with us.

What if I cannot find a new friend to join hi every 7 days?

It will not affect the amount of rewards you earned. But claiming rewards via daily questions will be paused.

💡 Click here to learn more about rewards updates. 



Membership Tiers 

Will you change the amount of HI to stake for upgrading membership tiers?  

We’ve investors who invest in different amounts. Some buy just a few HI and some invest into the millions. We are looking into delivering more and better member benefits and services in the future so as to maximize value for holders of HI. We’ll announce some new subscription services soon.



HI Token Supply & Liquidity

What’s the maximum supply of HI?

The community is responding positively to our updates with record numbers of Buy HI transactions over the past few days. The maximum supply of HI is 13,192,916,300. You may also go to CMC or CoinGecko and see the Fixed Max Supply. 

Coming soon

  • A New Website with refreshed branding is coming in February! 
  • We’ve closed an agreement and will provide members with a Debit Card starting later this year 
  • We are in talks with centralized exchanges.

Stay tuned for our latest updates!

Don’t forget to read the new whitepaper

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We believe these updates are in the true interest of the platform and community. We remain committed to delivering the best experience for our members. Let’s get hi, Together!

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