AMA Recap

AMA Recap | 28th April

Thanks all for joining us for the LIVE #AMA session with hi Co-founder Sean and Head of Marketing Sam on Thursday, 28th April.

ICYMI You can watch the recorded broadcast here 👇🏻

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Since we last hosted an AMA back in January, a lot has happened. The hi team has been heads down and hard at work building out more functionality in the hi app, significant progress was made in just a few months:

What's New

•  We revamped with a new look and feel, and introduced the hi Help Center  
•  Our token HI listed on Bitfinex 👉🏻
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•  We announced a partnership with Contis for Debit Cards & Personal IBAN accounts 👉🏻
Learn More 
•  We announced the Blinkist partnership to offer more benefits 👉🏻
Learn More 
•  We launched the GIGA LP Pool with 200M HI rewards 👉🏻
Learn More 
•  We added 2 Factor Authentication to
hi accounts for better security 👉🏻 Learn More 
•  We added 5 more trading pairs in
hi Convert 👉🏻 Learn More 
•  We enabled MetaMask integration in the 
hi Web App so that your staked LP also counts towards your Membership Tier 👉🏻 Learn More 
•  You can check the prices of $BTC, $DOGE, $ETH, $LTC, $HI on the Trade Page now
•  Rewards started unlocking on the 1st day of each month 👉🏻
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•  We launched the Switching Bonus Campaign for ETH and USDT (Up to 40% Deposit Bonus) 👉🏻
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We Hear You

Thank you for the questions pre-submitted to us and posted during the Livestream. Sean and Sam covered questions spanning many different topics. Here’s a quick summary for reference: 

hi Debit Card

When can we get the hi Debit Card? What are the regions covered?
Later this year, and sooner than originally planned, and in more markets than we initially thought possible. We are working to develop a seamless fiat and crypto on/off-ramp experience. It takes time given regulatory requirements but progress is fast, and we also hope to introduce a world’s first for the Debit Card which we’ll announce very soon.

hi Super App 

When will the hi Super App be launched? What is so exciting about it?
Expect a better, more intuitive and advanced user experience very soon! Newly designed features will be released in waves focusing on our product pillars of (1) Trading, (2) Saving, and (3) Spending. 

Our Native Token HI

What is going on with the ups and downs of HI price?
The market for all cryptos is currently very volatile, but we do not feel concerned about the current price of HI. Our laser-sharp focus is on building more utility and functionality into the platform as quickly as possible, all of which is designed to increase the value of HI in the longer term. Keep faith, HODL, and in the meantime leverage our staking pools to increase your overall holding. It is still very early.

Why is the HI price in 4-Year Daily Release higher than 1-Year Daily Release?
Please refer to the hi Whitepaper for details of how the 1 and 4 year pricing mechanism works, it’s all outlined very clearly there. 

What is the burning and minting mechanism? 
Burning commences this month with rewards that are still inactive after 365 days from the date they were claimed. Over time, we will introduce more initiatives to manage the number of tokens circulating in the market, (with a focus on fees and buybacks) and we’ll publish those details in the transparency report.

hi’s Progress & Development 

What is the progress on the hi Protocol (hiP)?
In Q1 we welcomed new talent specifically on the technical side for blockchain development. We are on track and aim to get the Testnet up and running in Q2 as outlined in our roadmap. We also have some exciting additional blockchain projects in the works, including the first land sale for the hi Metaverse.

When can we have full access to the app features in the US?
We are looking into the necessary steps and regulations to give more members in more markets access to hi, including the US. Please bear with us while we work through the proper procedures for different jurisdictions.

Why is the withdrawal slow?
Actually our withdrawal times are not super slow, but it is definitely an area we can improve – we understand very clearly the importance of having fast withdrawals. As we build, we need to be extra vigilant in handling members’ funds, and therefore some of the approval processes take longer than we would like. Rest assured we’re putting a lot of work into improving this. If you are facing difficulties with a withdrawal, please highlight that to our Member Support at

Is hi hiring?
Yes, we are! We are looking for good people in all kinds of positions, including Product, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Marketing and Customer Success. Visit our Careers Page to learn more.

Coming Soon

•  New improved experience and functionality in the hi Super App 
•  We will debut a sneak peek of hi Debit Card any day now
•  Would you believe it, hi’s 1st Anniversary is right around the corner. Stay tuned in May and join the birthday celebration!

Need Help?

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•  Send us a message in the chatbox for live support. (Yes, you don’t even have to log in.)
Look for the answers to frequently asked questions by keyword search.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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See you again for the next AMA!

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