Announcing Membership Tiers & hi Benefits!

So this is kinda cool…

From today, when you Sign In to the Web App you’ll see that you have been assigned a Membership Tier. Much like a Loyalty Program, hi Benefits rewards members for holding hi Dollars. 

So by HODLing on to your hi Dollars, not only do you have the potential upside that comes with any great investment, but you also get access to Streaming Services, Feeless Financial Services, Travel Services, Concierge Services with much more coming soon.

Go to the Web App today to check your Membership Tier 👉

How does it work?

Your Membership Tier is based around the amount of hi Dollars you hold in your Vault and Earnings combined. The more you hold, the higher your Tier and the better the benefits. You must maintain the qualifying amount of hi Dollars across Vault and Earnings to remain eligible and avoid losing your benefits. 

hi members who belong to Gold Tier and above qualify for exclusive Membership Benefits including Concierge Services and much more. 

Introducing 5* Hotel & Travel Perks

hi Silver members and above are eligible for 5* Hotel Perks at 1000’s of destinations worldwide. As the world shows signs of opening back up (at least for some of us!), you can take advantage of our Hotel Benefits to book exclusive stays at 5* Hotels around the world. So whether you’re looking for a romantic Autumn City Break, or to kick back on a white sandy beach we can make your trip a whole lot more delightful. 

A World of Luxurious Destinations Awaits
As a Silver member and above, we’ll provide you with the following perks at 5* hotels around the world….

💰  Lowest Rates

🛏   Free Room Upgrades

⏰   Late Check-Outs

🍽   Free Breakfasts

🏨.  Hotel Credits

… and more.


Introducing MasterClass Subscriptions

We’re giving hi members the opportunity to pursue a new passion with online classes taught by award – winning chefs, writers, and performers. With 90+ hours of lessons, there’s something for everyone. hi Green members and above are eligible for a MasterClass subscription.

Check your email inbox for details of how to redeem your Subscription and get started.

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