App Update 2.3.0

It’s time to update your App version! And this one’s a good one. Here’s everything you need to know about version 2.3.0.

New Features

  • Flexible Earn for Pounds and Euros 
  • Buy Crypto with Credit Card (19 tokens!)
  • Fiat Trading Added (Transfer Fiat to Trading Account) 
  • 6 new adjustable index parameters to K-Line in Trading (MA/EMA/BOLL/MACD/RSI/KDJ)
  • Updated Rates for Flexible Earn: ETH & USDT
  • Updated Rates for Fixed Term Earn: HI
  • Improved KYC Logic

    … As well as a long list of minor improvements and bug fixes

Help us Improve Faster

As ever, we humbly ask for your patience and support in helping find bugs, fixes and suggestions for improvements. Our App is a work in progress, so things won’t always work perfectly from the get-go, but with your help we will get there faster.

Please report any Bugs or Issues using this form and we will share rewards for the most helpful suggestions.

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