Artists Inspiring on Metaverse is Not About Playing It Safe, Says Krista Kim

According to the contemporary crypto artist Krista Kim, there are so many corporations that are originating the virtual worlds. These are not genuine creatives. 

To try and stay relevant with the curious crypto audience, most marketers on the planet are jumping into the metaverse experiment with different things, from non-fungible tokens (NFT) collectibles to issuing their own tokens. However, users are realizing that these schemes are supersized sales as opposed to building real communities, connections and in the Web3 era. 

Kim Updates Her Thesis, Appreciates the Role of Blockchain in Supporting Art 

As the founder of Techism Movement in 2014, Krista Kim was quick to call for reconciliation between the creation of art and tech innovation. As the Web3 era emerges, Kim has updated her thesis to now include and appreciate that blockchain is crucial in helping her achieve her mission of an open and decentralized future. 

Web3 helps to put creators and artists at the helm, making it possible to engage the community via meaningful experiences that deliver lasting impacts and outstanding value to people’s lives. It is also crucial in creating a deeper connection between users and artists. 

In 2020, Kim felt isolated because of the lockdowns enforced to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, she created a therapeutic escape in a sort of virtual house, which was aimed to create a healing, and soothing atmosphere with selective musical undertones of Jeff Schroeder. This creation, which is known as the “Mars House,” was sold as an NFT on SuperRare for USD512,712 (288 ETH). 

Here are some of the answers that Kim gave when responding to questions put across to her as one of the speakers during the Metaverse Week that will take place from 9th to 12th June 2022. 

As a Pioneer in the Open Metaverse, What Do You Think People Get Wrong Concerning the Virtual World?

Kim indicated that they do not understand the long-term vision and reality of the metaverse. She insisted that there is a misconception that the gaming platforms, from Decentraland to the Sandbox, are metaverse. However, she adds that voxelized graphics are not going to last for long. With the addition of more advanced hardware, the metaverse will be so powerful and the digital layer will be almost indistinguishable from real life.

What is Preventing Web2 Creators Moving to Web3?

At the moment, Kim says that cryptos are very risky and volatile. However, the long-term will be completely different from the viewpoint of the present crypto-revolution. She added that we are in the genesis period and most people, including Web2 creators are risk averse.

As we get into Web3, how everything on the planet will function will be completely different. Art will be done via passion and purpose. Therefore, it is not simply about learning how to use cryptos but a whole new way of operation. She added that we should also expect some friction before every artist and creator gets used to Web3.

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