Best Crypto Interest Rates

Best Crypto Interest Rates

Cryptocurrency has become the new business adventure for most investors. The new digital finance system has been challenging the traditional finance system, especially concerning interest rates. The cryptocurrency has introduced interest rates similar to conventional interests but higher than traditional ones. While interest by conventional saving accounts falls around 0.1% to 5%, digital currency provides way higher than that – double digits interest rate

However, earning interest through a crypto savings account is relatively new. Therefore, many users may not understand how the market works and how to get the best interest from this relatively new product. 

Many factors surround crypto interest-earning products that can significantly affect the outcome of your investment. Some of the issues include government legislation, the safety and security of the platform, and the performance and future of the crypto asset you are investing in for interest. 

Different platforms offer different interest rates for various cryptocurrency coins they support.

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What are the different rates?

The word interest rates are popular in the investment world. Before we look at interest rates, let us first consider the concept of interest. When you lend your money to a borrower, you give them capital that they can use for their benefit. They can use the funds to generate more income or to meet their immediate need. In either case, money is an essential resource to them. In return for lending out your money, you may equally require some benefits. In that case, you can agree with the borrower to return the money plus an extra amount. The excess amount is the interest. 

An interest rate is the percentage of the excess amount to the borrowed amount (principal). There are different types of interest, differentiated by various economic factors.  

  • Real interest rates –  these are interests that account for inflation in the market, giving a more precise reading of the borrower’s buying power.
  • The nominal interest rate – is the money borrowers pay lenders without considering other economic factors. 
  • Effective interest rate – this rate includes the impact of compounding. 

Factors to consider when choosing the crypto with the best interest rates

Everyone who seeks to invest in any finance for interest seeks the best interest returns. This will mean using interest accounts with the highest interest rates. Before making this crucial decision, you should consider the following factors. 


Dues to government regulations, different cryptocurrencies will operate in some specific locations while others will not. You may find crypto with a high-interest rate on the platform, but you cannot invest in it. Therefore, in determining the best cryptocurrency to invest in, you should be certain it is supported within your jurisdiction. 


Different cryptocurrency platforms will have different requirements before you begin earning interest. It is necessary to understand specific requirements regarding given crypto before you decide to use it. 


Are my funds safe? This is a question every investor will ask before deciding to settle on any crypto. The safety components include the wallets of storage and their features and the trust customers have in the crypto to pay the loans back once they borrow them.

Crypto with Best Interest Rates

Users can earn high interest on their digital assets holdings with cryptocurrency interest accounts. These interest rates vary depending on the crypto an interesting account is supporting. If you desire to invest in crypto, you need to explore different crypto interest accounts and their rates on other cryptocurrencies.

A cryptocurrency interest account gives you access to the crypto market while still earning high-interest rates compared to traditional banking. However, earning interest in crypto can come with significant risk, depending on the digital asset you provide. If you are a long-term investor in crypto, a crypto savings account will help you gain the interest while your coins remain secure. 

Here are a few of the major crypto assets you can deposit in various interest accounts for interest and the interest rate they attract on different platforms. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is one of the major digital currencies that uses peer-to-peer technology to manage transactions. Besides trading bitcoin or HODLing, you can still earn a decent income with the most popular digital coin. The coin accrues an average interest rate of 4% to 8% depending on the interest account. For example, offers a 4% interest rate on BTC, offers a 3% interest rate on BTC, 4.5% interest rate on ABRA interest account, and Celsius offers a 4% interest rate on BTC.

The interest rates for BTC are the lowest because it is a very safe coin, trusted widely by many crypto investors. Due to its seniority and popularity in the market, bitcoin poses relatively lower risks than new projects. 

Ethereum (ETH)

For many years, Ethereum has been one of the best performing coins. Ethereum brings more real-world solutions to the blockchain network with its unique smart contract solution. Smart contracts enable users to develop applications in different areas of life. The finance sector has been the leading beneficiary of Ethereum through decentralized finance (DeFi) products. As the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, ETH has remained consistent over the years. Experts are also predicting the coin to continue doing well past 2022. With the launching of Ethereum 2.0, the token is just about to get more popular. 

Ethereum (ETH) generally attracts the second-lowest interest rates after Bitcoin (BTC). However, just like BTC, ETH presents a lower risk than most tokens. Therefore, if you are looking for a low-risk investment, ETH remains a good solution. 

Ethereum interest rates also vary depending on the interest account used. You can earn the best interest on Ethereum on, AQRU, and BlockFi. provides a high-interest rate on Ethereum with a lockup period. It earns 3.5% to 8%, three months locked up. offers 5.5% interest on ETH deposits without lockup. You can also buy ETH using fiat on the platform.

AQRU gives a 7% annual percentage yield (APY) interest rate on Ethereum without any lockup terms, while; BlockFi offers a 5% APY interest rate. 


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to be relatively stable by pegging them on a commodity or a currency. Like other coins, the interest rates for stablecoins depend on the interest account in which you invest your funds.

Since they are stable, stablecoins do not pose any volatility risk. Therefore, they are safer than regular cryptocurrency tokens, especially the less popular altcoins.

Nonetheless, stablecoins still attract high interest on the deposit. Even though they are stable, most of them have not been available in the market for long to earn the trust of the crypto community. Additionally, they have a relatively lower market cap.

Notwithstanding, they present an excellent way to earn decent interest from crypto interest accounts. Platforms such as offer 11% interest on stablecoins (USDT) deposits. offers 10% interest on stablecoins. The coins attract 8% interest on the BlockFi interest account. 

Native coins

Native coins are coins owned by the platform that offers interest rates. For example, will offer interest rates on other coins. The platform will also offer interest rates on the Hi Dollar (HI), which is the native coin of the platform. 

Native tokens usually attract the highest interest rates because most platform companies want to entice their customers to invest more in their coins. 

These tokens offer the best way to earn a lot of income within a short time. offers a whopping 40% APY on its native toke (HI) savings. offers a 14.5% interest rate on other coins and a relatively higher interest on its native coin. Other interest platforms like AQRU, Celsius, BlockFi, and many more offer their native coins at high-interest rates. is one of the best interest account platforms you can use online, on your apps, or on the website. Besides offering interest-related services, there are quite comprehensive crypto products. These include crypto wallets to store your funds, credit cards, debit cards, etc. 

When it comes to interest rate, ranks the best as it offers a whopping 40% interest rate for investors in HI (native token). It offers a favorably high interest for stablecoins and other coins too. 

What makes a Crypto Interest Account the Best?

  • Rates– top interest rates are always enticing for more investors and to boost any interest account platform to be the best. An example is the platform which offers up to 40% interest rates on the native token (HI), more than 10% interest on stablecoins, and at least 4% on other coins.
  • Security measures– platforms that take preventive measures for the safety of the investors’ funds will always attract many customers. With many customers, THE platform will rank among the top. 
  • Leadership team– the cryptocurrency system has been growing steadily, despite many challenges. As the current system grows, the interest platform needs trustworthy leadership to manage and make its operations appealing to many investors. 
  • Notable investors– a platform’s investors will help navigate and provide all the necessary resources and support to keep the platform operating in the best condition. 
  • Ease-of-use – making the signing up process straightforward will attract many customers, thus a top platform account.
  • Cryptocurrency offered – platforms offering multiple and popular cryptocurrencies for an interest-earning savings plan are more suitable as they meet most users’ needs. 

Important Things to Consider Before Investing in Crypto

Understand what you are investing into

Before starting any investment, you should understand what you are investing in as an investor would do. In any regular business, one would want to study and analyze many factors such as the market, availability of the asset, and regulatory factors around the asset. Does the same model apply to digital currency investment deals? 

Thousands of crypto exist today, and many new ones keep coming up. Each has its own rules of engagement with its clients. You need to understand the investment plans for each case. And in any case, if cryptocurrencies look too volatile or suspicious, you must be careful with them. 

Finally, in a highly volatile crypto market, you need to understand the details of your investments’ potential upside and downside. 

Understand Volatility

Cryptocurrency prices can fall or rise within the market, sometimes even because of baseless rumors. For experienced investors, that can be a great feature to earn more income. However, the volatility can easily affect new investors without experience. 

Invest the much you can afford to lose

You need to understand one key point concerning putting your funds in a highly speculative market; you must only invest what you can lose. Any investment has a chance to succeed or fail. However, how many coins like Bitcoin can present low risk does not make your investment immutable to fail. 


The crypto interest rates offered on a cryptocurrency saving depend on the interest account you invest your funds in and the type of coin you are using. For example, will offer the best interest rate for its hi dollar (40%) and relatively lower interests on other coins. Therefore, you need to consider different accounts and their interests before fully engaging in your investment deal with any crypto account. 

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