Best Crypto Wallets To Earn

Like traditional financial banks where customers expect a specific interest on their savings at the end of the financial year, the crypto also operates in the same light. Numerous crypto wallets are launched, but a selected few are considered the best for earning cryptocurrency.

More crypto platforms are also set up with many people moving into decentralized finance (DeFi) because it offers a good and reliable means of investing. In addition, these platforms set up provide interest savings account for crypto. According to the returns given to users, some crypto wallets are considered the best crypto wallet.

DeFi services enable you to earn interest without a bank. The interest accounts in crypto enable the user to invest coins for a given period and, in turn, earn interests identical to that of the traditional banks.

In this post, we’ll look at the best crypto wallets you can use to earn and show you the steps to take if you want to earn in crypto.

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Best Crypto Wallets To Earn

There are diverse wallets you can use in earning crypto. These wallets offer reasonable interest rates too. Let’s look at some of them:

  • hi Wallet
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Block.Fi
  • Nexo

Now, let’s look at the offers each one presents.

hi Wallet

Apart from storing cryptocurrencies, hi wallet was created to give its users more liberty and financial domination. It is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that gives its customers the privilege of earning by holding its native coin, HI, or staking it. HI is the platform’s utility token, which facilitates network transactions. 

hi wallet also provides dependable and convenient services as well as rewards to its users. Users of the exchange earn money every day by answering basic questions on the platform’s social messaging apps. After a year, the HI you earn daily for answering questions can be redeemed.

The crypto wallet from is simple to download and use. One of the best crypto wallets for mobile devices, available on both iOS and Android. It provides a secure exchange feature that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as well as transfer and receive cryptocurrencies instantaneously. Furthermore, payments are free and can be done from anywhere in the world.


Binance is considered one of the best crypto wallet with exchange platforms, and it is highly preferred by a lot of crypto investors and traders. This is because it offers something tangible for both the crypto trader and crypto investor. This crypto savings account enables the user to increase their wealth by increasing the interest rate on the crypto.

In the Binance platform, users can choose either a flexible deposit or a fixed deposit. Moreover, the flexible deposit account users can withdraw funds anytime they want to with a flexible (varied) rate.

It also offers an interest rate of up to 5% per annum, 20% off its trading fees, and a rate of 1.20% annual percentage yield (APY) on Bitcoin.


The Coinbase is a straightforward and beginner-friendly interest savings account as it offers the best crypto interest for beginners. It consists of only five coins, each with an interest rate of up to 5%. This feature makes Coinbase a suitable platform to earn for those just going into crypto trading.

Coinbase rates also drop to as low as 0.15% APY for the USD Coin. If you’re a beginner in crypto, I’ll suggest you start with this as it isn’t complicated.

Block. Fi

Block.Fi offers top rates for the DAI and Tether stablecoins. It also allows crypto investors to earn interest on their coins too. This is one of the current best crypto wallets on the blockchain. Staking on the Block. Fi is flexible – you can withdraw coins any time you want without incurring penalties. 

This crypto wallet offers an interest rate of up to 8.7% APY, and it also provides a bonus of $250 in Bitcoin. One interesting feature of this wallet is that the interest amount is paid to investors monthly at the beginning of each month.

This platform offers multiple digital currency services, such as owning a crypto wallet. makes cryptocurrency available to everyone as its app enables you to buy, trade, spend, earn and even pay your bills using crypto.

Users of the app can earn up to 12% on stable coins and 8% on crypto.

A significant feature that makes the app unique is that accrued interest earnings are credited to your crypto wallet every seven days and are also paid in the same currency as your deposit. This means if you make deposits in Bitcoin, your interests will also be paid out in Bitcoin.

Another feature is that you can accrue interest using more than one deposit for your cryptocurrencies.


Nexo is a crypto service that offers users the benefits of storing their crypto assets on the platform. In addition, it offers a high-interest rate of up to 12% per annum on crypto, stablecoins, and fiat currencies. One feature in Nexo is that interests are paid out daily, allowing a compound savings interest.

Other crypto wallets you might also consider when looking for wallets with high-interest rates are:

  • Celsius Network – with an interest rate of up to 12% annual percentage yield
  • Coinrabbit – with an interest rate of 10% annual percentage yield
  • Gemini – with an interest rate of up to 7.4% annual percentage yield

How to earn in crypto?

Since we’ve looked at the different crypto wallets you can invest in, in this section, we’ll look at the steps to take if you want to earn in crypto. Some of the steps are:

  1. Open an account on a crypto savings platform such as hi or Binance.
  2. Complete your registration process on the platform
  3. Make sure you verify your email during registration
  4. Go to the menu and click on “Deposit.”
  5. Select a coin you’ll like to deposit
  6. Transfer your crypto to the wallet address
  7. Start earning compound interest on your deposit

What to watch out for?

Having considered the examples of the best crypto wallets that allow you to earn and also how you can start earning, in this section, we’ll consider the factors you should watch out for when going into crypto.

  • Safety – On the top of the list is safety. Many crypto wallets are out there, and some might be the activities of fraudsters. Identifying a safe and secure crypto wallet should be your priority, as you’ll not want to lose your money to those fraudsters. It is necessary to invest in wallets with 2-factor authentication, open-source codes, biometrics, and strong security for protecting your transactions. These features will make sure your digital transactions are very secure on the crypto blockchain.
  • Features – The features focus on what makes up the wallets. You have to make sure that the wallets you’ll choose to use support many features that will make earning in crypto easy for you- especially if you’re a beginner. The wallet of your choice should contain unique features such as a large number of assets, live charts that display the trends of the market, and good staking capabilities.
  • Cost – Another factor you’ll need to watch out for is the cost of the crypto wallet. Have it in mind that the wallet’s cost depends on the type of wallet itself. It would be best to choose wallets with a low transaction processing fee.
  • Type of crypto – This is another factor you’ll want to consider when looking for a wallet to earn. The kind of crypto you’ll want to make interest in should be of importance to you.

There are two classes of cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. These are the native coin and stable coins. Native coins and stable coins you can invest in include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand, Tezos, Chainlink, Tether, USD Coin, Gemini coin, Binance, DAI, Litecoin, Cosmos, and Uniswap

Remember, this is not financial advice. If you’re still considering investing in crypto because of how risky it is, remember the golden rule of investing – Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Nevertheless, investing in crypto is a good decision as the interest rates are high in the long run.

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