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Best Friends Bonus

Get up to 10% Bonus when your friends buy HI

Here’s a win-win piece of news…

Starting today, whenever one of your friends direct Invites only – buys hi Dollars from the Web App or Mobile Apps, you’ll get a bonus of up to 10% of the value of their purchase. 

An exciting investment for your friend, and a generous bonus for you!

Here's how you get your bonus

There are 2 scenarios that will land you a bonus:

1. Your Direct Invite buys hi Dollars with 4-Year Daily Release
~ You get a 10% bonus paid in HI

2. Your Direct Invite buys hi Dollars with 1-Year Daily Release
~ You get a 5% bonus paid in HI

All bonuses are paid out automatically in HI to your Vault account, under the same Daily Release Terms as your friend’s purchase. 

The hi Dollar continues to surge

Source: CoinMarketCap, Wednesday 22nd December 2021

7 Reasons to Buy hi Dollars

As we continue to build out the hi platform and ecosystem of services, the value of our token the hi Dollar continues to increase. Investors are turning to the hi Dollar for some of the following reasons, you can use them as talking points when introducing friends to hi.

  1. Price of HI has already surged more that 130x
  2. HI just listed on a Centralised Exchange, more to come soon
  3. One of the world’s fastest growing blockchain communities, +2m in the first 6 months
  4. Founded by the former CMO of
  5. Next Gen Banking App already available on iOS and Android with +500k downloads in first few weeks
  6. Launching hi Metaverse with play-to-earn games & NFTs
  7. Building the hi Protocol, a blockchain to challenge Ethereum on speed and efficiency

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