Bitcoin 2022 Miami

Bitcoin 2022 Miami: It is the Moment for the Giant Crypto to Shine

For the crypto mining sector, Bitcoin Conference 2022 offered the moment to take to the center stage, after being in the back seat in previous meetings. The mining sector took approximately 50% of the exhibition at the conference in Miami, and discussions on mining were lively, with audiences following every moment keenly. 

During the entire week, new mining rigs were revealed, visitors checked into the mining services companies, and bigger mining firms indicated that people were knocking doors for deals.

Wall Street investment companies and financial firms, such as BNY Mellon (BK) and HC Wainwright, also hosted events to dialog with crypto miners. Attendees from pools to varying venture capitalists were not left out. Indeed, some deals were also announced, such as the Applied Blockchain’s that filed for a mining initial public offering IPO.

The Huge Interest in Mining 

Last year, mining was not so much electric as it is in the 2022 Miami Conference. According to Whit Gibbs, the CEO and founder of Bitcoin mining and services company, Compass Mining, they got speakers who are more engaging, helping to draw a lot of crowds. He added that it has been really awesome. 

He added that competition would make everything better for consumers on matters of mining. 

It’s a Real Dealer Center

It is interesting that the actual mining firms were literally absent. The only exception was the Nevada-based miner CleanSpark (CLSK), which positioned its booth at the entrance. 

Hive Blockchain (HIVE), a larger miner, sent its team to scout the convention for deals because of the long list of participants. Frank Holmes explained to CoinDesk that they were out to search for deals. He added that the conference was the perfect deal center. 

New Mining Equipment and Rigs 

The mining rig companies had a large presence, with giants such as MicroBT, Bitmain, and Canaan occupying a large part of the floor space. Canaan and MicroBT released more powerful and energy-efficient rigs at the Miami conference

In addition, there were lesser-known hardware providers at the conference, which indicated their efforts to get into the highly competitive but lucrative mining rigs niche. Gibbs indicates that there is more presence from many providers than before. 

In one of the CoinDesk investigations, NuMiner, a less-known company, stirred a huge debate after claiming it had developed a mining rig way superior to the industry standard. However, it could not substantiate some of the claims. 

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