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Bitfinex Has Commenced BETA Testing its New Zero-Trading Fees

Bitfinex Inc, a blockchain tech company, has announced that it will start BETA testing its crypto exchange and launch it officially by October this year. 

Bitfinex BETA Platform to Allow Select Users to Trade for Free 

Bitfinex exchange has an aesthetically appealing interface, which comes with features such as built-in news, notifications, and charting tools to provide a superior environment for users to make informed trading decisions. The BETA platform is giving up to eight trading pairs to help with perpetual swaps.

Bitfinex CEO Ee Wui Yang said they were very excited about finally opening up BETA testing following the long road of development. He added they are confident the new platform will provide a safe and enjoyable trading environment for clients. 

“We are also providing zero-fee trades on our platform for the first month from our BETA testing launch which means anyone who signed up during the BETA testing does not need to pay trading fees when he/she trades here. We are one of the few, if not the only crypto exchange in the world that is currently giving out this benefit,” expressed Wui. 

The exchange indicated that they are doing this for a good reason from the understanding that the platform is still in development and some areas will require improvements. Eventually, it aims to compete with other exchanges, such as ByBit and Binance, and give incentives for traders to join. Therefore, Wui indicated they are ready to absorb the costs users incur for trading on the platform. 

The Bitfinex Public BETA Testing 

Bitfinex is encouraging more users to engage the BETA version to help in identifying potential issues and bugs. Any flaw that is noted in this stage will be fixed, and testers rewarded. For any interested user to participate, he/she needs to take the following steps: 

  • Follow the latest updates about the company on Twitter. 
  • Join the BETA testing team through a link from the company. 

The primary reason for designing this platform is to allow testers to interact and discuss their experiences after using the application. Users can use tutorial videos from Bitfinex to be able to understand the app features and navigate through the environment. Testers will be rewarded with USDT via the “Bug Bounty Campaign.”

Bitfinex is targeting to achieve higher quality standards through the BETA testing. The team at Bitfinex includes experts in fintech, data, and blockchain.

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