Bitso, a Mexican Crypto Exchange Unveils a Stable Yield Program

Bitso, a crypto exchange based in Mexico, is growing its range of crypto investing options. The company announced it would start allowing customers to simply hold stablecoins or Bitcoin in its wallet to start earning. Under the program, which is referred to as Bitso+, users will earn yields depending on the quantities of coins they deposit. 

Bitso Unveils Bitso+ Yield Program for Stablecoins and Bitcoin 

Bitso, one of the leading crypto unicorns in Latam, has announced that it is expanding its range of crypto services to clients. The new program, Bitso+, is designed to offer varying yield plans based on the crypto and quantities stored in the exchange’s wallet.

The program, which was initially tested with a few users, has now been opened for all, and it is providing a 6% yield for Bitcoins and up to 15% for stablecoins. However, Bitso indicated that the yield would depend on the amount that users will deposit in their wallets. The 6% yield for Bitcoin users is applicable for the first 0.4 Bitcoins, and then the yield drops to 3.54% for all additional BTC. 

The same formula applies to stablecoins. The first stablecoins worth USD 1,000 will earn 10%, but the rate goes down to 7% for stablecoins valued over USD 20,000. 

The Focus on Inflation-Knowledgeable Clients 

More crypto holders are looking for ways to put their funds to use by generating yields with the assets they hold. According to Daniel Voguel, this is more interesting for countries facing high levels of inflation in Latin America, such as Venezuela and Argentina

As inflation continues to shoot up globally, Voguel adds that they are looking forward to using the new feature to offer a new way for people to increase their wealth by simply holding their coins in Bitso wallets. 

Bitso added that other crypto assets might be added to the list in the future. 

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