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📚 Blinkist in hi Benefits!

Good stuff – We got HI token holders a library of the most powerful ideas as part of our hi Benefits program!

We’re thrilled to announce hi’s strategic partnership with Blinkist, the #1 bite-sized content subscription service app to understand powerful ideas through insights from the world’s best nonfiction books and podcasts, to offer our community more membership perks in our hi Benefits program!

In addition to hi’s existing partnerships with MasterClass, the online learning platform, and also 5* hotels around the world, the partnership with Blinkist expands hi’s membership program to reward token holders.

Why Blinkist is good for you?

First things first – #DYOR! When we begin our crypto investing journey, we all know how important it is to get started with good sources of information.

At Blinkist, you can find all key ideas and concepts summarized and organized in one place that you can read or listen to while commuting, walking, doing housework, or anytime you want.

🎧  Collections curated by Blinkist that you may be interested in:

Thoughtfully selected, a collection of blinks from some of the must-read books on cryptocurrency will get you up to speed day by day in just 2 weeks. Take it as a crypto 101 if you’re new to the game!

🔗  More about the collection.

Listen to summaries of 6 books about blockchain technology to guide you through the fundamentals of the concept and one of its most common applications – crypto assets.

🔗  More about the collection.

Other than books about the cryptosphere and blockchain technology, there’re a lot more you can explore on Blinkist. Parenting, Psychology, Relationship, Mindfulness, Health & Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Politics, Economics, …, you name it. Over 5,000 nonfiction books and podcasts are waiting for you!

🌟  Stay tuned for more details on how to redeem Blinkist services at hi! 

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