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BURN & MINT of HI – 07.07.2022

As of 7th July 2022, 26,111,222 HI has been burned and permanently removed from the supply. The burned tokens are inactive rewards, 1 year from the date that they were claimed, as described in the Whitepaper.

Pursuant to the rewards burning mechanism outlined in the Whitepaper 2.0, the rewards that are still locked after 365 days from the start date they were claimed will be burned. The daily rewards program will last until the entire “Launch Incentives and Distributions” pool is exhausted.

(You can find more details about active and inactive rewards here.)

Apart from the burning of inactive rewards, the increased supply of HI will be minted on the blockchain (50% minted on Ethereum, and the other 50% on BSC) according to the allocation policy stated in the Whitepaper 2.0. Half of all fees generated will also be used to buy back HI from the open market and burned to the following address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Thereby, a further 65,795,170 HI has been minted, with one half of it minted as ERC20 tokens and the other half as BEP20 tokens.

All tokens that are claimed as part of daily rewards, as well as purchased through hi with a lock-up period will be minted in “Launch Incentives & Distribution”. For each HI that is minted for “Launch Incentives & Distribution”, an additional 2.67 HI will also be minted and allocated to the following functions. 

As of 7th July, 2022,

• The total token supply of HI currently stands at 9,315,572,678 HI.

• The circulating supply of HI currently stands at 503,699,434.72 HI.

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