New Tiers Banner

Enhanced Membership Tiers

Slight updates… but much more rewarding! What’s new Small changes — From 7 tiers to 6 tiers, with the requirements for the highest tier reduced. • We’ve removed the ‘100 Million HI’ tier and lowe ...

New Debit Card Blog Post

Introducing the hi Debit Card

Shop and Pay with Crypto – Are you ready for this?! Presenting the hi Debit Card! Those who have been following our project roadmap since the very first publicatio ...

HI on BitMart - PRL

Trade HI on BitMart

We are thrilled to share with you the news of the listing of HI on BitMart, one of the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms.


Celebrating 1 year of hi

On May 10th 2021, we officially released the private beta of hi and just 365 days later we’ve built an incredible global community of 3 million+ members.

AMA Recap

AMA Recap | 28th April

Thanks all for joining us for the LIVE #AMA session with hi Co-founder Sean and Head of Marketing Sam on Thursday, 28th April. ICYMI You can watch the recorded broadcast here 👇🏻 ...

Transparency Report

Transparency Report 22.04.2022

Introduction Welcome to the first edition of the new, comprehensive hi transparency report. Our goal with this report - which we intend to publish monthly - is to provide hi investors and members ...