Cloudflare Preparing to Run Ethereum Node Experiment to Help in Building Better Internet

Cloudflare, a DDoS protection and internet services company, has indicated its new strategy for Web experiments. The firm indicated that it is going to operate Ethereum validator nodes as part of its long-held commitment to grow the internet with the application of proof of stake (POS) technologies. This will allow the company to access the consistency and energy efficiency of this technology. 

Cloudflare Now Gets into Cryptos through Ethereum

Cloudflare, a tech giant dealing with DDoS mitigation and content delivery, has unveiled its new push for Web3 that uses the upcoming proof-of-stake of the Ethereum network. The tech giant further indicated it would be operating Ethereum validator nodes as part of the experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of the scaling technology in the future. 

Blockchain technologies could become part of the story of the internet in the long term and the experiences will come in handy in the decentralization of such a network. Here is what the company had to say: 

“For the Ethereum ecosystem, running validator nodes on our network allows us to offer even more geographic decentralization in places like EMEA, LATAM, and APJC while also adding infrastructure decentralization to the network.”

Cloudflare explained that these actions will be undertaken in the coming months before the Merge, the shift from proof of work (POW) protocol to proof or stake (POS) consensus mechanism in Ethereum. 

The Preference for Proof of Stake Protocol 

Cloudflare expressed its support for proof of stake (POS) networks because their energy use is lower compared to those using proof of work (POW). “The energy used to operate a proof of stake validator node is magnitudes less than a proof of work mine,” Cloudflare added. 

The company has also declared that because of its commitment to sustainability, it will not run its own proof of work infrastructure on its system. As it experiments with Ethereum first, Cloudflare also mentioned another protocol referred to as “proof of spacetime” in the press statement. 

Proof of spacetime, which is used by Filecoin, is a decentralized storage system that incentivizes participants to maintain the files. This might hint at the possibility of Cloudflare to include this network in the future experimentations.  

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