Coinbase Card Review

Coinbase Card Review

When searching for a crypto card, where better to look than to the most popular platform on the market. Coinbase finally released their crypto debit card back in 2019. Since then, it’s proven to be a very popular way for people to spend their crypto and earn rewards. However, it has competition; there are many other crypto cards on the market and more to come, like the exciting the World’s First NFT Card with Mastercard hi Debit Card which will be released soon. With more options appearing year on year, we have to ask — is the Coinbase visa card still the best option? In this Coinbase crypto card review, we answer just that.

What is a Coinbase Card?

A Coinbase card is a card issued by Coinbase, which connects directly to your Coinbase wallet. When you make a purchase with the card, the cryptocurrency is automatically converted to the fiat currency of the country the card is being used in. This means that you can use your cryptocurrency in the real world by making purchases at regular stores or withdrawing cash at ATMs. The Coinbase crypto debit card also offers some additional features which are appealing:

  • Earn up to 4%  back in crypto rewards any time you make a purchase.
  • Choose which cryptocurrency gets converted and used to make payments.
  • Extensive security features that keep your crypto fully protected while you spend.
  • A mobile app where you can track your spending.



It’s a Visa card so it should be accepted almost everywhere.

The rewards program doesn’t apply to ATM withdrawals

No annual fees

There are conversion fees 

You can choose which crypto you want to spend

It’s a debit card, so doesn’t offer the consumer protections of a credit card

You earn 4% back on purchases


You can spend your crypto instantly 


Supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies


How to get a Coinbase debit card?

At the moment, Coinbase’s debit card is available in the UK, EU, and the US (excluding Hawaii). Getting the card is a pretty simple process and only has a few requirements:

  • You must have a valid Coinbase account
  • You must complete the KYC steps
  • You must read and accept the Coinbase Card legal agreement. 

Once you’ve met the requirements, simply follow the steps below to order your Coinbase crypto visa card through the Coinbase website or the Coinbase mobile app:

  1. Go to your Pay tab
  2. Select Apply Now under Coinbase Card
  3. Follow the prompts to sign up

How to activate the Coinbase card?

As soon as you’ve been approved for the card, you’ll be given access to the details that allow you to use the card for online purchases. Once you’ve received your physical card, it can be activated via your account on the app or website. You just need to go to the card section of your account and follow the prompts to activate the card. 

How long does the Coinbase card take to arrive?

If you’re in the EU/UK, the card should arrive within 5-7 working days. If you’re in the US it can take 10 working days. In each case, you can re-order the card without any fees if it doesn’t arrive in time. 

Coinbase Card Fee



Conversion fee


Card Issuance Fee

4.95 EUR/GBP

Domestic Cash Withdrawal Fee

Up to 200 EUR/GBP per month: Free

Any amount over 200 EUR/GBP per month: 1.00% of  ATM withdrawal(per transaction)

International Cash Withdrawal Fee 

200 EUR/GBP or currency equivalent per month: Free

Any amount over 200 EUR/GBP or currency equivalent per month: 2.00% of ATM withdrawal (per transaction)

Intra-EEA Purchase Transaction Fee

0.20% of any point of sale (POS) transactions

International Purchase Transaction Fee

3.00% of any POS transaction

Card Replacement Fee

4.95 EUR/GBP (per Card issued)

Chargeback Processing Fee


Coinbase Card Limits



Daily spending limit

10,000 GBP (or equivalent). This can be changed by contacting Coinbase support.

Monthly purchase limit

20,000 GBP (or equivalent)

Yearly purchase limit

100,000 GBP (or equivalent)

Daily ATM withdrawal limit

500 GBP (or equivalent)

Coinbase Rewards

The main draw of the Coinbase card is that it offers up to 4% cash back on purchases. However, the amount you’ll get back depends on the cryptocurrency you choose to spend. Here are just some of the rewards you can get:

  • 4% back in Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • 4% back in The Graph (GRT)
  • 1% back in Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 1% back in Ethereum (ETH)
  • 1% back in Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • 1% back in Dai (DAI)


The Coinbase visa card is still a great and reliable option if you’re looking for a way to utilize your cryptocurrency. What it lacks in rewards, it makes up for in security and supportability, making it a safe choice for any crypto user. If you’re looking for a card with more extensive rewards or just something newer, make sure to check other cards on the market. A great choice could be the hi debit card with up to 10% back on spending and rebates on multiple digital subscriptions including Spotify, Netflix, Disney+ and 100+ more. You can also hold and spend both fiat and cryptocurrencies directly from your flexible account.


The Coinbase card is a Visa debit card that lets you spend crypto directly from your Coinbase account balance. You can choose which crypto to pay with through the app which will then be automatically converted into the needed fiat currency when you go to pay. Depending on the cryptocurrency you choose to spend, Coinbase will offer you a certain percentage back as a reward.

The Coinbase crypto card can be used worldwide at any merchant or ATM that accepts Visa cards. When it comes to ATM withdrawals, you may be restricted by ATMs that only accept their own bank’s card, however, this is rare in Europe and the US.

The Coinbase card is worth it if you already have a Coinbase account and are looking to make practical use of your Cryptocurrency. However, if you’re largely looking to profit from the rewards, then it may be worth considering other options as the conversion fee can sometimes cost more than you’ll get back in rewards.

You can use the Coinbase card just like any other card at an ATM. Insert your card then enter your PIN code, and then select the amount of money you’d like to withdraw.

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