This crypto community has 3m members in less than 8 months

In the cryptoverse, users are attracted to projects with utility that matches their needs, and so the more functional utility a project has the more users they would be able to garner. 

In the past year, the hi project has recorded up to 3 million members in less than 8 months.

hi is leveraging blockchain technology used to build offers and services that are community-driven.

hi is operated by the hi Foundation, an organization incorporated in Singapore. hi also received the Virtual Currency Service Provider (VCSP) license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

The team is dedicated to revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure and rethinking how digital services can maximize the stakeholders’ value. 

Members of hi are the major stakeholders of this ecosystem and the platform is committed to maximizing membership value instead of profits.

The prime reason is to make sure members of the platform are incentivized in many ways. The foremost service is the world’s first universal cross-ecosystem mobile payment and financial services platform.

With interest rates as high as 40% per annum, low fees on spreads and payments, and fast transactions, there’s no room for speculation on the reason for the growing number of members in the hi community. 

The following benefits can be seen as the reason for the extended surge in membership numbers:

  • You can freely convert between crypto and crypto, as well as fiat and crypto. All of this at mid-market exchange rates with nothing added on top. 
  • You can hold money in several supported currencies available on the platform with ease and no charges whatsoever (including digital currencies). You get to earn interest on money deposited – at much higher rates than elsewhere.
  • The ease at which you convert money from one currency to another at interbank rates with no added markup is something to reckon with because it’s a rare phenomenon of traditional banks.
  • You can hold over multiple currencies all in a single account. Earn interest up to 11% p.a. and get paid weekly when you save with hi.
  • There are fantastic interest rates for members as you grow your portfolio instead of letting them sit idle in a bank.
  • Send money instantly and seamlessly across chat platforms with ease at no fees to friends and merchants, through the hi app, or directly on your favorite chat platform.

Easy to use, yet still safe and secure, hi is the encouraging mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies for financial services. Learn more about why more and more people join hi.

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O. Jasmine-Jade
O. Jasmine-Jade

Jasmine-Jade is an exceptional copywriter, editor and financial content contributor on a mission to make blockchain and investing as simple as ABCs. She has contributed to your favorite crypto blogs and communities including FTX and she is currently writing super articles at hi.com

This article does not constitute any investment advice or financial advice, on the merits of purchasing hi Dollars nor should it be relied upon in connection with purchasing decisions.

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