DecentWorld Mataverse Shares Sales Hits USD 19 Million in Less than Two Months

As some people remain unsure if virtual real estate is indeed a thing, there are others already hitting the road and paying millions to get Metaverse’s Street NFTs. In 2022 alone, residences and virtual properties are predicted to surpass USD 990 million. 

DecentWorld, a fast-growing real-world-based metaverse platform, has reported that virtual real-estate is growing pretty fast and results are there for all to see. In the last one and half months following their launch, the leading 15 costliest Streets on DecentWorld have already been purchased. So far, the figure for the total value of Street NFTs has climbed to USD 19 million. 

The Most Preferred Real Estate Locations on DecentWorld 

Users can get copies of all streets on the DecentWorld metaverse and buy them as NFTs. Right now, there are 12 million locations on the DecentWorld metaverse, and this is not the final figure because mapping is still ongoing. In 1.5 months after launch, 2,000 virtual Streets have already been sold for USD 19 million. 

According to the DecentWorld team, the most preferred locations are in the US, where 400 streets have already been sold. France and the UK come second and third, with 300 and 120 streets purchased, respectively. 

The interest in DecentWorld has increased fast, with famous streets like Oxford Street and Wall Street, getting sold fast. DecentWorld Team indicated that this is proving that metaverse, and specifically, DecentWorld is off to a good start, factoring in that they are yet to commence aggressive marketing campaigns. 

The DecentWorld team further indicated that the Streets could be pooled together with Collections and staked to start generating yields. The collection is expected to be launched within the second quarter of 2022 and will have four levels so that every user will have a chance.

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