Bank Transfer

Deposit US Dollars via Bank Transfer

Starting today, hi members can now buy USDT at true cost via bank transfer using US Dollars.


Here are 3 reasons you will find this beneficial:

1. Get fiat currency into your hi account at true cost, 1:1 ratio, no fees.
2. You can Convert your USDT to other supported currencies easily using hi.
3. Earn Flexible yield just for holding USDT in your hi account at 11% APY, with no lockup.


Which begs the question, why hold fiat with your bank, when you could be earning 11% APY with hi?


Deposit US Dollars to your hi account

To deposit fiat into your hi account, simply go to the Web App and select “Deposit” from the main menu.

Then scroll down and select ‘USD’ from the Deposit dropdown menu. Currently, only US Dollar deposits are supported, we will add more fiat currencies soon.

You will be shown the bank details you need to use to transfer US Dollars to your hi account. Once you successfully make the transfer from your bank account, you’ll receive USDT in your Flexible at a 1:1 ratio. Allow 4-6 working days for the transaction to be processed via our banking partner JP Morgan Chase.

Deposit US Dollars via Bank Transfer - Video Tutorial

A few important things to keep in mind

As with any bank transfer, please be careful to make sure you use the correct bank details.


  1. Your bank account name must be the same as the name you used to pass Identity Verification (KYC) with hi.
  2. The minimum transfer amount is 100 USD.
  3. Ensure you include the hi reference code in your bank transfer instructions.
  4. Do not send funds through third party payment providers.

Successful transfers will appear as USDT in your Flexible at a 1:1 ratio. Please allow 4-6 working days for the transaction to be processed.

If you encounter any issues with your transaction please email quoting your hi nickname.

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