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Updates to Earn Products

Following a generous launch period, and as part of our commitment to ensuring that the products and services we offer can be provided to members in a responsible and sustainable manner, today we announce the following updates to our Earn products, effective with the next app deployment (approx. Friday 11th November)

The Flexible APY offered on ETH and USDT will be adjusted as follows:

0.3% APY on ETH

4% APY on USDT

All other terms relating to Flexible Earn remain unchanged, meaning you will collect yield every Friday and have the freedom to withdraw your assets any time.


The Fixed-Term APY offered on HI will be adjusted as follows:

20% APY for 365 day term
15% APY for 180 day term

Please note that the change to APY on Fixed-Term HI deposits, will affect new deposits only. If you already have HI staked you will get the APY you were offered at time of staking. 

We hope members will agree that the new rates remain competitive and responsible – not least in light of the ongoing, extraordinary market conditions. 

Thank you, and please contact member support or your community moderator if you have any questions.

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