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Enable Auto-Earn and Slide into 30% APY

Do you have HI unlocking daily? 

For members who purchased HI with 1 year or 4 year daily release – this one’s especially for you! 

Enable Auto-Earn, and each day automatically transfer those HI that unlock from Vault into Earnings, and get 30% APY with a 180 day term. 


Auto-Earn saves you time and makes you money

The world of #DeFi needn’t be so intimidating. Which is why we’re making it easier than ever for members to stake their Crypto and earn HIGH yield on HI! That means, no more manually transferring your balance to Earnings daily, let hi do it for you! 

Just open up the Web App and immediately transfer bought HI to Earn to start earning interest on your balance! Automatic. Seamless. Feeless. 

Enabling this new feature will save you time and allow you to maximise your returns. 

Follow these steps to enable Auto-Earn 

 To start earning, head to the Web App

Click on the toggle to enable Auto-Earn which automatically deposits balance from your Flexible into Earnings each day, and you can earn 30% APY with 180 day term.

You can also easily disable Auto-Earn at any time. 


Don’t let the Balance in your Flexible sit idle and collect dust! 

Transfer your assets to hi and start earning top reward rates, paid daily. As the market soars, earn more on your crypto, like BTC (up to 6% APY) and ETH (up to 8% APY)To see the full list of this week’s rates on 11+ cryptocurrencies, head to 



What is hi Earn?
Our Earn product enables hi members to earn yield on digital assets. So if you are holding on to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, hi Dollars or other digital currencies, it’s time to put them to work and earn up to 40% APY! It’s simple to use – all members have to do is Fund their Earnings balance and then confirm term duration and payout frequency.And hey presto, you’ll see your Earnings balance the very next day.

What is the Earnings wallet?
Your Earnings wallet stores deposited assets to earn yield (up to 40%!) They are locked for the duration of the term you choose (either 7, 30, 90, 180 or 365 days) and the yield is paid out Daily or at the End of the Term into your Flexible.

Are there any maximums or limits on the amount that can be transferred to Earn?
No maximum limits – get started with hi Earn today!

Can I choose the amount I want to transfer to Earnings with Auto-Earn?
Enabling the Auto-Earn feature will transfer the entire Balance (HI only) in your Flexible to Earnings on a daily basis.

What happens if I turn on the Auto-Earn feature by mistake?
Deposits made with Auto-Earn are not reversible unfortunately but don’t fret – you’ll have earned 30% APY in just 180 days!

What’s the difference between the Earn product and the Auto-Earn feature?

Earn – You select the HI amount, term duration and payout option of your choice.

Auto-Earn – If activated, each day HI in your Flexible (if above 50 HI) are automatically deposited to Earnings with 30% APY, a 180 day term and daily payout.


If you want to use Earnings and don’t yet have a hi account, you can sign up at our Web App or iOS Mobile App. 

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