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Enhanced Membership Tiers

Slight updates… but much more rewarding!

What’s new

Small changes — From 7 tiers to 6 tiers, with the requirements for the highest tier reduced. 

• We’ve removed the ‘100 Million HI’ tier and lowered the threshold of ‘DIAMOND’ to ’10 Million HI’ now. 

• The ‘GREEN’ tier is replaced with ‘BLACK’ — for a much more premium experience!  

But Why?

We are expanding our membership benefit program – hi Benefits – with a lot more perks ranging from lifestyle subscriptions, travel and hotel benefits, interest boosters, personal services, merchandise, etc. With the hi Debit Card put into use, members can also enjoy spending rewards, customization, and more.

The updated Membership Tiers will then unlock more rewards and benefits. And more members will be able to reach the DIAMOND tier to enjoy the ultimate benefits package.

What contributes to your hi Membership Tier?

In short, your staked HI. 

HI in Earnings where you staked for earning fixed-term yield, and also the HI you bought at 1 or 4 year(s) daily release set at a discount to the market price, count towards your hi Membership Tier.

If you’ve provided liquidity to hi, i.e. participated in the GIGA Pool, MEGA Pool, and FLEXI Pool, good news is that your staked LP tokens also contribute to your hi Membership Tier now. Liquidity Providers, connect your MetaMask Wallet to hi to upgrade your membership tier if you haven’t done so already! 

Which of my HI are “staked”?

Check your Membership Tier

Go to your ‘Profile’ from the Side Menu Ξ to view your latest Membership Tier. Head to the hi Mobile App now.

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