UDxHi Sale Is Live

It’s time to feast on exclusive digits and food-themed .hi Web3 domains!

The hi and Unstoppable Domains exclusive drop of 1-digit, 1-letter, 3-digit, and food-themed premium Web3 domains is officially live! 

Starting today and for a limited time only, you have the chance for the first time ever to cop a unique food-themed .hi domains for yourself or as a gift! 

Top Domains Up For Grabs:

0.hi 1.hia.hik.hi

How to Buy:

  1. Head to Unstoppable Web
  2.  Select the Premium Domain you’d like to buy 
  3. Pay with either Crypto or Credit Card
  4. Mint your domain to your wallet
  5. Done – your Web3 Domain is now yours for life!

Own and Manage Multiple Domains

If you purchase a .hi web3 domain and would like to change your nickname in the hi App, you can do that too! 

All information is available at our Help Center at help.hi.com 

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