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hi Launches Exclusive Food-Themed Premium .hi Web3 Domains

Satisfy your hunger… for Web3 Domains!

It’s no secret that crypto and food have a spicy love affair – from food-themed meme tokens to your favorite DEXes – they’ve all been a craze in the DeFi world in recent years. 

hi and Unstoppable Domains have teamed up to deliver you piping hot food-themed .hi domains, as well as exclusive 1-digit, 1-letter, and 3-digit .hi domains!

For a limited time only, you’ll have a chance to grab some of the YUMMIEST and most limited-edition Web3 domains on the planet. Here’s a preview of what’s on the menu: 

0.hi 1.hia.hik.hi

What’s more – they all come with unique AI-generated artwork. To get the artwork that comes with the domain you purchase, you can email Unstoppable Domains’ support team and ask them to send the image file or simply right-click and save the image directly from the sale page. To connect the image directly with the domain, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Unstoppable Domains account
  2. Go to “My Domains”
  3. Click the  “Manage” button to edit your domain’s profile
  4. Select “Add Avatar”
  5. Select “Upload Avatar” and upload the image
  6. Now your AI Art will be associated with your domain!

Starting at $20 and going up to $6,600 for the most coveted .hi domains, don’t miss your chance to grab these domains. The sale goes live starting October 26 at 4pm UTC and ends at 4pm UTC on November 2nd. 

Best served hot! 

But what’s in a (nick)name anyway?

The .hi domain acts as a simple, unified identity for Web3 and can be used to manage payments, send crypto, log in seamlessly to hundreds of Web3 apps, games and metaverses, and much more. Unstoppable and hi’s integration enables hi members to use their hi domain name to:

  • Display your Web3 domain name in the hi App
  • Send and receive assets in the hi app or from your crypto wallet-of-choice.
  • Replace wallet addresses with your easy to remember domain 
  • Integrate multiple wallet addresses into one simple and secure domain 
  • Connect your PFP and social handles to your domain

For a limited time, you can get your choice of iconic food domains from around the world! Act fast and secure these tasty .hi domains before they’re gone! Sale ends on November 2nd at 4pm UTC.

How to Buy

It’s easy – either purchase with credit or debit card OR with crypto by sending to an address or via MoonPay. 

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