Fasanara Capital, an FCA-Regulated Venture Capital Raises USD 350 Million Fintech and Crypto Fund

Fasanara venture capital is targeting crypto and fintech firms for funding as Web3 emerges as a major trend in 2022.

Fasanara Capital, a London-based asset manager, has unveiled a USD 350 million investment fund to back crypto and fintech start-ups that are working on delivering new use cases for the fast-evolving Web3 economy

The company, which manages a portfolio of USD 3.5 million in assets, is focusing on start-ups in the early stages. Fasanara aims to establish a long-term relationship with both founders of specific projects and industry veterans. This includes the potential for getting larger equity commitments compared to traditional venture capital companies. 

Started in 2011, Fasanara Capital is a fintech investment company which has resolved to specialize in digital assets and lending technologies. The company is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and is supported by the EU Investment Fund, a Luxembourg-based financial firm that offers small business loans via funds and banks. 

Two companies, Gover and ScalaPay, which are supported by Fasanara, have grown and recently joined unicorn status. A unicorn is a company with a valuation of USD 1 billion or more after valuation. 

Venture capital funding into crypto start-ups and fintech firms is growing rapidly as more investors look for ways to identify and ride on the next wave of emerging technologies. According to the organizers of the Tech.eu summit, Europe alone has over 750 fintech financing deals with a total value of over USD 27 billion. 

Despite the current bear run in the crypto industry, venture funding is not showing signs of slowing down any time in 2022. The first three months of 2022 alone saw USD 14.6 billion flowing from the venture capital community. 

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