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Introducing Fiat Flexible Earn

We’re ecstatic today to introduce to our community – Fiat Flexible Earn

Starting today, members who deposit EUR or GBP to their hi account can start earning a 2.5% or 3.5% APY on their holdings, and get paid weekly!

Here's How It Works

1) Deposit EUR or GBP to your hi account

2) Get paid every Friday!


If you deposit Pounds Sterling, your yield will be paid out in GBP, and if you Deposit Euros your yield will be paid out in EUR. 

It’s that simple.

GBP APY 3.5%

EUR APY 2.5%

Start earning before Card launch

You’ll want to have Fiat in your account once the hi Debit Mastercard goes live as Euros and Pounds Sterling will be the primary spending currency.

Easily transfer from your regular bank account to your hi personal IBAN and start earning immediately. 

We are currently working through a few of the final details with our banking partners and expect to be able to provide more information relating to the terms and conditions within the near future. 

Happy earning!

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