Free-to-Mint NFT Collection Globlintown

Free-to-Mint NFT Collection Globlintown’s Value Now Surpasses USD 50 Million

A non-fungible token (NFT) collection referred to as Goblintown is driving millions in sales. Its NFT project this week recorded USD22.85 million in sales, meaning it surpassed other top performing collections, including Otherdeed, which reported USD20.73 million. On Monday, Goblintown had reached USD2.24 million over the previous 24 hours, with the collection floor value jumping 103.2%.

Mysterious Free-to-Mint Goblintown NFT Collection Makes Millions 

The latest collection drawing a lot of interest is Goblintown, an NFT compilation with 9,999 goblins. One of the reasons why the project is getting noticed is because the NFTs were minted completely free and, over time, have gained a huge value. 

Without any major promotion, frills, or commercial hype, the Goblintown’s were only valued 0.5 ETH on 23rd May 2022. Then, the price rose to 2.79 ETH by 28th May. The only way that people heard about the project after its launch on 22nd May was through word of mouth. 

In their Twitter account, Goblintown had 37,400 followers on Monday and the metrics showed that 4,725 held at least one Goblintown NFT. At the time of writing, the weekly metrics had reached USD22.85 million in sales volume since 22nd May 2022. Although the project is very popular, it is unclear where the compilation came from and the personalities behind it.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that American DJ Steve Aoki or Yuga Labs might be behind the collection. The rapid growth has seen sellers rake in a huge amount. 

One trader indicated that he enjoyed 5,039%, while another reported 264% in five days. The most expensive NFT sold from the collection was Goblin 8,995, which went USD136K or 69.42 ETH. This uptrend is very helpful because the crypto market has been strongly bearish in recent months. 

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