GamePin Launches a New NFT Platform to Address the Issues of High Fees and Congestion for Users

GamePin has unveiled its platform with the primary target being end-users who get not-so-good and expensive experiences. 

The platform was created on GamePin’s proprietary blockchain to tackle two common issues that plague most non-fungible token (NFTs) markets: high fees and congestion. On GamePin’s blockchain, users are not charged a mining fee. 

Advanced Technology to Improve User Experience and Security

GamePin is driven by the latest cloud technologies that are able to scale more than the older techs. The platform provides revenue sharing to allow users to make money with affiliate programs when they introduce new users. 

So, how is the user experience different in the GamePin blockchain

The user experience is greatly simplified by shifting the focus from profit optimization to promoting better engagement between content creators and their targeted consumers. Since the platform is using fiat currency, users (both content creators and their audience) will not need to develop and manage additional crypto accounts. Also, there are no third-party sites that are involved because all operations are based on a peer-to-peer basis.

On security, GamePin puts a lot of effort into keeping the assets of content creators and other users as secure as possible. GamePin is using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256) to ensure that transactions at rest and in-flight are secure. Every blockchain transaction is signed cryptographically and verified before implementation. 

The platform will be used to implement music and video game functions in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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