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Introducing the hi Debit Card

Shop and Pay with Crypto Are you ready for this?!

Presenting the hi Debit Card!

Those who have been following our project roadmap since the very first publication of the whitepaper know that we are building out the most innovative crypto-fiat functionalities on the market. 

And today that vision becomes reality with the hi Debit Card! 

Eligible hi members will soon be able to conveniently spend their crypto and fiat at 60+ million merchants around the world, using a hi Debit Card. Unlike prepaid cards offered by the likes of, hi members have the ability to spend crypto and fiat holdings through their hi Card directly from their Flexible account, without the need to top-up funds to a separate card account.

Without any hidden fees, members simply have to rank the currencies by the order that they would like funds to be deducted from when a transaction happens. hi will automatically convert the currency of choice to the necessary settlement currency for payment. Our Buy Now Convert Later functionality will even allow HODLers to pay for their spending at a later date.

What’s the difference between a regular debit card and a Crypto one? The only difference is that instead of this card linking to your bank account, it connects to one of your crypto wallets. Like regular debit cards, these allow you to spend money from an account by swiping your card (or entering the numbers from it).

Prepared to be wow’ed

Rewards that can grow

Not only will the card be accepted at 60+ million merchants worldwide, but it also offers up to 10% money back when you spend with it. hi Debit Card turns your everyday purchases into crypto rewards which have the potential to increase in value over time. 

Packed with lifestyle benefits

The card is more than a spending tool. It also allows hi members to pick and mix free digital subscriptions from a catalog of 100+, redeem premium travel and hotel benefits, and more according to their membership tiers. Entertainment, wellness, productivity, socials, groceries, travel and transport… We got them covered. 

Already impressed by the convenience, rewards, and benefits of the card? We are upping the game with something even cooler…

Precious metal on hand | Virtual versions in app

hi members can apply for both physical cards and virtual cards displayed in your hi App. For hi Silver members and above, another good news for you: You will be holding a card made of precious metal! While unique personalization and designs will only open for hi Gold members and above.

The waitlist will open for sign-up soon

We look forward to sharing with you more details about the hi Debit Card. A waitlist will open for hi members to sign up soon. You can now see a card preview frame in the app. Watch this space!

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