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$HI: Hidden Gem with Exceptional Growth Potential$

Does the thought of making banking transactions as fast as texting hi to a friend intrigue you? Yes? Then say hi to the HI – the new token that is doing cartwheels in the cryptosphere.

There is a long list of reasons that back the HI as the next Bitcoin with benefits. Here are our favorite picks.

Seamless Multi-Currency Transactions

HI transactions are as fast as texting a hi to an old friend. Cryptocurrency transactions can be done on hi at break-neck speed. The process is as seamless as regular chatting. 

On the platform, users can also convert fiat to crypto. Fiat transactions are already in the works through hi’s partnership with Contis. These come at the regular mid-market exchange rates with minimal to no fees or markups.

On-the-go Transactions

Say goodbye to moving money from bank accounts to wallets or exchanges to complete a single transaction. Apart from being the one-stop shop for token conversion, hi is mobile-friendly and has been integrated into messaging apps for fast and instant transactions. Apps like Telegram, and WhatsApp are compatible with hi. With just one text, you can send HI to your friends or colleagues in record time. With over four billion phones in the world, the global adoption of the HI is imminent and this growing adoption will conversely increase the token’s value.

Strong Community of Backers

Despite being less than a year old, hi already has a good army of backers which consists of expert developers and investors from leading cryptocurrency and traditional FinTech firms. 

hi has experts from, Tencent,, JPMorgan, Alibaba, GLG, Hashed, amongst others. With such a reputable backing, it is safe to say that the project is in capable hands.

 Additionally, hi has an organic user membership base of almost three million members and counting. 

Hi Metaverse

The future of the internet is the Metaverse and hi is at the beginning of this journey into the future.

hi aims to create a global community of over 1 billion people from at least 180 countries. These uses would be able to connect in alternate, 3D, virtual spaces. 

In our genesis, we envision the Web3 beta, Mixed Realities, and the Polymorphic Universe as our three fluid phases and peer-to-peer interactions that imitate or improve real-world human and financial interactions

Then, there is hi PLAY, a play-to-earn blockchain gaming system that functions on the genesis of the hi Metaverse to eventually evolve into a polymorphic metaverse. hi PLAY will be first launched as a 2D, analogous game where the members of the hi community can compete in P2E games to earn HI.

Remarkable Reward System

Instead of paying transaction fees on hi, the project rather rewards you for using the service and holding hi Dollars. The protocol ensures a regular minting system to increase liquidity for the next four years.

Moreover, new members can claim HI rewards by signing up, by daily tasks, and from referrals. This well-crafted reward system will serve the token in good stead over the next few years.

hi is slowly climbing the ranks of solid crypto projects. With every stride and milestone, exceptional growth potential is witnessed and recorded. Its unique and never-seen-before problem-solving use case is all the confidence we need to see hi headed for the sky.

Let’s get hi together. Join our communities:

O. Jasmine-Jade
O. Jasmine-Jade

Jasmine-Jade is an exceptional copywriter, editor and financial content contributor on a mission to make blockchain and investing as simple as ABCs. She has contributed to your favorite crypto blogs and communities including FTX and she is currently writing super articles at

This article does not constitute any investment advice or financial advice, on the merits of purchasing hi Dollars nor should it be relied upon in connection with purchasing decisions.

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