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Update your App! New Design & Features

hi is building the world’s most user-friendly and feature-rich crypto & fiat app – focusing on the three product pillars of Investing, Saving and Spending.

Until today, the version of the app you have using is the private beta.  

Well, here’s some good news! Over the coming weeks you will see frequent updates to the app introducing beautiful new design and rich functionality. For a short period, that means that you’ll see some of the old and some of the new, but bear with us and before you know it the hi Super app will be in the palm of your hand.

Let’s walk you through the first round of updates which are now live in the app:

Fresh New Home Page

Welcome to your new app Home Page. Use the Navigation Menu at the bottom of the screen to move between features. Note we’ve added a few new ones! You can now view a Watchlist of BTC, ETH, and HI to keep yourself updated. Watchlist customization coming soon!

New Side Menu

Click on the Side Menu button Ξ from the Home Page and it will take you to Profile & Settings.

Introducing the Wallet & Trade pages

A new Wallet page has been added for you to view your balance in Flexible, Vault, Rewards, and Earn in one glance.

Head to the Trade Page to convert your assets and  keep up with the market ups and downs for you to switch tokens at the right time.

Go to your hi Mobile App now to try the latest features and designs. 

About the hi Super App

Read more about how the hi Super App will revolutionalize crypto & fiat banking services in our Whitepaper.

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