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hi Play Coming Soon

Welcome to a new universe of blockchain games

What’s up gamers, this one’s for you! 

With over 2.5 million hi members, wouldn’t it be cool to have more ways to use hi Dollars?

In terms of market size, Gaming is now reported to be larger than all other media categories combined. Today we are excited to announce the coming launch of hi PLAY, with 10 new “play to earn” games. What’s more fun than having 2.5 million people battle it out on the Blockchain to earn real Crypto?

The new hi gameverse will use the Blockchain to reward hi members, demonstrate the utility of hi Dollars and is the first step toward our very own metaverse. 

Introducing the hi PLAY portal

Play and Win HI

Members will be able to play with hi Dollars, and can use either Flexible or Rewards tokens with different representative values.

Swap your hi Dollars for Game Chips in order to participate in hourly tournaments. If you place among the top 15 players in a Tournament, you will receive Cash Chips.

How to win
There are 3 types of tournaments:

Hourly Tournament: Costs 10 Game Chips to play
Daily Tournament: Costs 5 Game Chips to play
Weekly Tournament: Costs 2 Game Chips to play

Of all hi Dollars that members pay to participate in a tournament, 80% go into the prize pool and the other 20% are officially burned.

10 new play-to-earn mobile games


Initially, we are introducing a series of ten interactive games via our game portal:


Fly as high as your rocket takes you and win hi Dollars. Fly higher every time you tap your screen. Make sure your rocket is aligned correctly to fly upwards TO THE MOON! If your timing is perfect, you will receive an extra boost and a life.


Mining on the moon? Mine as much valuable moon stone as you can. Watch out for the obstacles. Dodge them by tapping the other side of the screen!


In time for the season, let’s do some winter sports. Tap to change directions, get hi-Skier through all the obstacles! Ski ya later!


Who is that? Defeat the UFO with your hi Beams. Don’t get hit too much! Slide at the bottom to not get hit by the villain!


Tap on your device to make hi-Cruiser fly around the universe! Avoid obstacles and try to fly the longest distance.


Wandering in the candy world, help hi-Jumper to collect as many treasures as you can!


Let’s get cleaned up! Tap on your screen to change directions and avoid bacteria.


How good are you at aiming? Bring your best game to shoot rockets to the spinning moon. Just make sure you’re hitting the right color!


Get ready and keep your eye on the color switch! Follow the color pattern to cross each obstacle.


Flip hi-Flipper around the city. Tap on the screen at the right moment and jump, but make sure you don’t fall!

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