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Update Your App

Say hi to the revamped Wallet page with clear pagination for Crypto, Fiat, IBAN, and total balances! 

With the goal to build the most user-friendly and functional Crypto and Fiat App, we continue to upgrade the app interface to deliver a superior member experience. 

Here's what's new in v2.0.0

The big news with the most recent update to the App is that we are introducing Personal IBANs to the first eligible users who belong to Gold Tier and above. But that’s not it, in the latest version, we have also introduced:

Show / Hide your Account Balance 

Masking of account balance has been enabled to enhance the privacy setting for users. You can now choose to Show/Hide your account balance – which means – you can share with your friends how to navigate the hi app without extra effort to conceal your account balance. 

Daily Dynamic Yield Update

Under the Total Portfolio Value of Crypto, you will also see a summary of dynamic yield in USD according to the market value increase or decrease of the cryptocurrencies you hold in the hi account. 

A closer look at the wallet categories…

Apart from displaying the value of assets you hold in the wallets, detailed historical transaction records with token release progress in Earnings and Vault are also included now for you to track the latest release and yield payout status.

• Flexible: Withdrawable assets are saved here, including HI purchased at the market price. Yield generated from your subscribed Earn products is also paid out here. 

• Earnings: Deposit your Crypto, choose how you’d like to earn here, and earn yield on your holdings. You can now see charts and release progress to track your yield. Don’t forget to share your earnings with us on Social at @hi.com.official.

• Rewards: Daily rewards you’ve received are stored here and will be unlocked to the Vault wallet. 

• Vault: HI bought in 1 or 4 Year Daily Release price(s) with daily release option is deposited and locked here. You can also look into the progress of HI in Vault unlocking to Flexible within the historical transaction records. 

Functional, Safe & Easy-to-use

The hi app currently supports 4 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, and HKD), as well as 15 cryptocurrencies. Members can store and transfer funds using the app. 

Here’s a quick recap of the wallet functionalities:

• Deposit: Simply deposit Crypto to hi with ERC20 or BSC addresses as shown in the app; Or deposit fiat to hi with Bank Transfer

• Withdraw: Select the correct network and paste your wallet address to withdraw

• Send: You just need the recipient’s hi nickname or phone number to send funds to members within the hi ecosystem. 

• CashHash: Send funds to or receive funds from hi members with a unique 18-digit-character code without specifying a recipient, globally, 24/7, 365.

hi As A Trusted Wallet 

hi is a license holder of Virtual Currency Service Provider (VCSP) issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and a member of the VerifyVASP Alliance. We’ve been working with our custody partners to deploy a multi-layer security matrix that ensures member assets are protected from cyberattacks, internal attacks, and human errors. 

Safe, all-in-one, and well-organized – that’s the kind of wallet you need – hi’s all-in-one Crypto & Fiat App. Head to your hi Mobile App now and have a play around with the upgraded Wallet page.

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