Highest Interest Crypto Accounts and Wallets

Highest Interest Crypto Accounts and Wallets

Cryptocurrency has already taken the world by storm, and it’s not going anywhere. The price of cryptocurrencies is set to rise very soon, which is fascinating news if you’re a crypto enthusiast.

If you’re in the process of buying cryptocurrency, one thing you need to know is that; there are many wallets and exchanges where you transact your cryptocurrencies. We will walk you through numerous accounts with the highest interest rate in cryptocurrency savings accounts and wallets in existence in this post.

How to earn interest on your crypto?

Using your cryptocurrency to earn interest is a great way to increase your crypto wealth over time. The most recognized way of earning passive income on cryptocurrencies are staking yield farming, and lending. These investment techniques help you earn interest in your holdings while they stay in your wallet.

1. Staking rewards

Staking means holding cryptocurrencies in a ‘staking wallet. In return, you earn staking rewards. The higher the amount of coins you stake, the more rewards. Staking is available on many Proof-of-Stake blockchains, including Cardano, Tezos, and Cosmos.

2. Yield farming

Yield farming, also known as liquidity mining, involves providing liquidity to decentralized lending protocols or automated market maker platforms like Uniswap and Yearn Finance. You can do this by depositing funds into their liquidity pools. In return, you earn fees from exchanges made using those funds and tokens from the protocol itself.

⭐️ Staking vs. Yield Farming

3. Lending

You can earn the interest rate on that crypto asset without selling it by lending out your crypto. The interest rate varies by platform and market conditions. The two main ways of earning interest are:

Borrower-Lender Matching Platforms: These platforms directly put borrowers and lenders in touch with each other. The platform will typically charge a fee for putting them in touch and facilitating the transaction between the borrower and lender. Examples include Celsius Network, YouHodler, BlockFi, and Crypto Earn.

Lending Platforms: These platforms offer their own lending program. Typically, you will deposit your crypto into the platform’s custody, and then they will issue a loan to a borrower on your behalf. In this case, the platform manages all of the risk associated with the loan; this comes with a tradeoff of lower interest rates. Examples include Nexo and CoinLoan.

Highest Interest Crypto Accounts of 2022


AQRU is a new product from a new company. The cryptocurrency market is growing every day, and it requires proper regulation. They offer you to become a member of the AQRU family and earn passive income by investing funds into cryptocurrency mining. AQRU enables people to easily buy and sell crypto for a profit with a maximum interest rate of over 30% per annum.

AQRU offers the best service for users who want to store their assets. The AQRU system allows depositing in any amount from 0.001 BTC to 10 BTC and more by providing a high-profit interest on the deposit, depending on the deposit’s amount and period.


Crypto.com is a crypto-focused platform designed to make it easy for users to buy, sell and manage their cryptocurrency assets. Users can also access other financial services, such as loans and investing tools.

Crypto.com offers one of the highest interest rates on their Crypto Earn feature, which offers you an opportunity of earning an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 12% by depositing cryptocurrencies into your account. The APY available depends on the type of cryptocurrency you’re interested in earning.

Crypto.com offers two types of interest accounts: Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) and Term Deposits. These options give users different choices regarding their savings goals and the features they want to use.

The Crypto.com Flexible Savings Account is one of the best options on the market if you want an account with no minimum deposit amount, deposits, or withdrawals at any time and lots of flexibility in your account management options.


BlockFi is a crypto lending company, not a bank. BlockFi is registered as an independent money transmitter with the U.S. federal government. As a crypto lender, BlockFi takes in deposits of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, then lends them to other parties who are looking to borrow crypto. Depositors earn interest on their deposits, and borrowers pay interest on their loans.

BlockFi makes money by charging borrowers more interest than they pay depositors. Like other financial products and services, this model is subject to market risk associated with lending out customer funds.

BlockFi itself does not have any FDIC insurance from the U.S. government protecting customer funds in case of insolvency or bankruptcy. Still, BlockFi customers do have some protection through its third-party custody partner Gemini Trust, FDIC insured up to $250K per customer. This protection doesn’t include any cryptocurrency funds deposited with Gemini.


Binance is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that offers traders quite a few exciting features. In addition to the main exchange, it has a futures trading platform and provides access to multiple coins through its lending and staking programs.

Binance also has its own native BNB token that offers users discounts on fees used to pay for them. BNB can be earned by participating in certain projects or bought on the open market. Users who hold BNB tokens are also eligible for Binance’s Launchpad program rewards.

Binance’s crypto savings account offers 4.5% APY on your crypto deposits. Currently, it is the highest interest rate available on Binance.

Membership tiers. Binance uses a tiered membership system based on your 30-day trading volume and asset balance like many other exchanges. The higher your account level, the lower your fees will be.


The Coinbase platform offers its clients two main products: Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Wallet. These products provide different levels of security, but they all come with high-yield interest rates.

Coinbase Pro is a professional trading platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. It’s also the platform used to access the high-yield interest accounts offered by Coinbase, which are currently available at 3%. A Coinbase wallet is a place where you can store your cryptocurrencies securely. It’s also possible to earn interest on your crypto holdings directly from the wallet app, although the rate is slightly lower than what you’ll get from Coinbase Pro at 2.5%.

Earn High Interest When You Move Your Crypto to Hi.com

Some of these accounts are better than others, so while they’re all higher interest, some are also safer than others. 

HI is known to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies you can stake to earn high interest. You can earn up to 40% APY in interest, paid out daily. The HI coins earned from the daily reward will be credited to your account but will only be unlocked for withdrawal after a year.

Here’s an easy guide on how to transfer your crypto to hi.com.

  • Access hi.com via WhatsApp or Telegram. Next, send type “hi” in the chat, and a menu will open, allowing you to create an account. Comply with the instructions to complete the signup process and access your hi wallet. When you create an account, your hi wallet is automatically created.
  • Tap on the hi logo on the main screen to summon the menu, and click on deposit 
  • Select the cryptocurrency that you’d like to deposit from the drop-down menu. 
  • Once you’ve selected the crypto you are depositing, let’s say USDT, copy the Deposit Address to your clipboard and confirm. Congratulations, you’ve just transferred crypto to your hi wallet. 

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