How to stake and buy $HI in preparation for the hi Debit Card

ICYMI we’re launching a Debit Card which will be available to anyone with Basic tier membership and above. To join the waitlist you’ll need to be a hi member – the higher your membership tier, the sooner you are guaranteed to get your card. 

If you are not a member yet, stake your claim today, it starts at less than 10 Euros:

But what's the big deal? Your bank already gave you a Card right?

Right. But does your bank card give you this?

  • Spend Euros, Pounds, stablecoins and other cryptos anywhere
  • Up to 10% crypto cashback every time you pay for something
  • Rebate on between 1-20 Digital Subscriptions
  • Best rates guaranteed at 5-star hotels globally
  • Metal cards with unique customization
  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Awesome merch, you’ll actually want to wear
    ….And much more!

How is the hi Card better than other crypto cards?

See for yourself how the hi card stacks up against its competitors: 

Inclusive Access, Exclusive Benefits

hi debit card spend rewards

Access to the hi debit Card starts at under 10 Euros. Other crypto card programs require a large buy-in or “stake” just to get the card. That’s nonsense! We believe everyone should have a simple way to spend their hard-earned money, be that fiat, stablecoins or other cryptos. 

And if you think about it, given the current value in the crypto market, there’s never been a better time to accumulate $HI and snag a higher membership tier.

Psssst…. The top 10,000 people on the Waitlist are eligible for card customization

When the waitlist closes, the top 10,000 people will have the opportunity to customize their card. Here’s how you become a hi member – if you’re not one already – and get yourself on that waitlist.


Grab Your Spot In The Waitlist

You’ll need at least 100 HI in your Vault & Earnings combined

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 
Decide which tier you’d like to belong to and which level of Card you’d like to get, and buy that amount of $HI in the mobile app

Step 2 
Open the App and click on $HI from the landing page under “Watchlist” 

Step 3

Click on Buy at the bottom left of the screen 

Step 4 
Choose whether you want to pay with Crypto or Pay with Cards 

Step 5 
Choose whether you want to buy Unlocked $HI at Market Price (requires manual transfer to Earnings to stake it) or Daily Release $HI  (will be held in your Vault therefore already staked) 

Step 6 
Confirm the payment and the $HI will reflect in your wallet balance 

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