How to talk with friends and family about finance

Talking about Finances

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about your finances with friends and family? 

If the answer is yes, don’t worry – you aren’t alone!

Talking about finances isn’t easy. In fact, many people are uncomfortable with the topic and will completely back away from any conversation about money.  

But why is the topic so taboo? Why do people feel awkward talking about their financial health? 

Well, truth be told, most people don’t have a solid understanding of how finance actually works. It seems complicated, which can quickly make it feel overwhelming.

But to be honest, this is an old-fashioned way of thinking. The world of finance is moving so fast, and with the rise of banking services using new tech, and cryptocurrencies, there are more opportunities to get wealthier than ever before. 

By talking to your friends and family about finance, you will actually be helping each other learn, and grow, in these unprecedented times. With finance moving so fast, we should be using all the best resources we have available, and surely those closest to us, who we trust, should be the very first place to start.

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Talking about money has numerous benefits, especially when you start doing it young. It helps you develop a healthy relationship with money and improves your ability to make sound financial decisions. 

And sound financial decisions are awesome 😉

Talking to friends about finances can also help keep you accountable for your personal financial goals, as your friends will be right there when you need a sweet extra dose of motivation 💪🏼 

In summary – don’t underestimate your friend’s financial advice, and don’t underestimate your own ability to give great advice! 

So let’s say you are ready to talk about finances with your friends now (#financeandchill), but you aren’t sure where to start the actual conversation. 

After all, finance is a BIG topic, and it can seem kinda overwhelming.

That’s why we recommend boiling down finances to the three most important points. We call them the ‘Pillars of Finance’ – earning, saving, and investing. 

Finance Pillar #1 – Earning

Simply put, ‘earning’ just means the amount of money you make, typically in the form of an hourly wage, or salary. But, now, with new technology and products, getting in early can produce smart earnings as well. 

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It’s important to remember that everyone’s financial timeline is different, so you should never compare yourselves to others about how much they earn. But if you are looking for a benchmark, the Bureau of Labour Statistics (Q2, 2019) reported that the 20-24 year old American earns $30,628 annually.

You always reap what you sow, but some fruits take longer than others to harvest, and that’s okay! Never stop talking to your friends about ways you can earn more and how to propel your career upwards; you’ll find that despite being in the same age group, they could have some killer insights on earning more money.

Earning more money takes time and can be expedited through education, certifications, or good old fashioned experience. 

But while earning money is extremely important (duh), many people simply stop there and NEVER focus on the next two pillars.

Like pillar #2… 

Finance Pillar #2 – Saving

There are three main reasons for putting aside a part of your earnings as savings: emergency fund, purchases, and wealth building. 

You can calculate your savings by looking at how much you have leftover once all your spending is done. Apart from these major reasons, saving can also help you feel a level of financial freedom and reduce your financial stress – and who doesn’t want that?

You’ve probably heard the typical ‘how to save money’ advice. You know the routine… Buy less clothes. Cook at home more. Stop getting cappuccinos.  

But one very important hack for saving money – which nobody talks much about – is using an automated tool to save money. This will help make saving more systematic and seem like less work.

One super easy way to do this is by using hi, a revolutionary digital banking ecosystem, which will help you grow your wealth, as well as save what you have – and in multiple fiats (USD, Yen, GBP) and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH)! 

hi is an emerging not-for-profit financial platform that deals in hi Dollars, and makes digital banking super easy. In fact, you can actually use hi in chat messengers such as Telegram and WhatsApp, which makes it feel more fun and less bank-y. You don’t even need to download anything to become a member.

But it’s more than just easy – the earnings on your savings can be insane. You can save up to 20% per annum with hi, which is a HUGE amount compared to conventional banks, which have a fairly dismal interest rate of .06%

Since hi already has over 250,000 members, it’s still a good time to get in early and get higher daily rewards because they will get smaller as hi grows even further. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? You can download Telegram or WhatsApp and start using hi immediately – and for free!

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Pillar #3 – Investing

We’ve all got some variation of the same dream. Retire at age 40, buy a house on the beach, and kick back and sip on tropical cocktails all day.

Well, truth be told, this dream is 100% possible. But to make it happen, you need to start investing, and the sooner you start, the better.  

The difference between saving and investing is that while saving gives you back the amount you put aside (with some interest), investments can give you 10x the return. This means that in the long term, your wealth will grow in ways that are exponential. 

Now, of course, it needs to be mentioned – investment comes with risk. Have you ever heard the saying, “no risk, no reward”? That’s why it’s so important to look for investment opportunities that minimize overall risk and give you the most chances of success.

There are many avenues for investment, such as stocks, bonds, and precious metals. But there is a one trillion dollar industry that you can get in on now. I’m sure you and your friends have talked about it more than once – cryptocurrency. 

According to CoinMarketCap (as of July 1, 2021), the crypto market cap is USD $1.43 trillion! That’s a mammoth amount!

Since so many crypto companies are already on the market with hundreds of thousands of users, the individual payouts for each are smaller than what they used to be in the beginning. 

But with hi Dollars, this is not a concern. By signing up as an early user (cough, now), you get free hi Dollars daily, which you can use to access digital services and marketplaces, buy other cryptos and even fiat money. So don’t delay – let’s get hi together!

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Final Thoughts on Talking about Finance 

To truly get wealthy, you need to master each of the three pillars of finance, and the best way to master each pillar is to be open with your friends and help each other out! You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from each other 🙂

And don’t forget to join to start earning hi Dollars, so you can earn, save, and spend like a boss. 

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