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How to transfer your USDT from Binance to hi

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has undoubtedly made it easier and more convenient for people around the world to get started with cryptocurrency investing and manage their crypto portfolio. 

And out of these cryptocurrencies, stablecoins such as USDT stand out as a dependable asset as they are pegged to the US Dollar at a 1:1 ratio, and many Crypto traders use it to cash in gains or book their profits. 

But instead of letting your stablecoins sit idle, why not earn 11% APY on them? With no lockup. 

That’s why today we’re going to go over how to transfer your USDT from Binance into your hi wallet. 

Now we need to make sure that your hi wallet is ready to receive deposits. This means that you have installed our app, created an account, and passed Identity Verification. 

Follow these steps


Your hi wallets are the easiest and most convenient way to access your Crypto on-the-go. 


Here’s an easy guide on how to transfer your digital assets over to hi. 

  • Open your account on the hi Mobile or Web App (in case you don’t have an account already, please follow our guide here on how to sign up)
  • Tap on the hi logo on the main screen to summon the menu, and click on Deposit 
  • Select the currency that you’d like to deposit from the drop down menu. hi supports all of these currencies, with even more to come soon
  • Once you’ve selected the Crypto you are depositing, let’s say I select USDT for example, then copy over the Deposit Address to your clipboard



Do note, due to the nature of the blockchain, only digital assets that match with the deposit address’ blockchain can be transferred. Any mismatched transfer may result in a permanent loss of your funds. 

Go to Binance

Now that you’ve copied the deposit address, head to Binance where your Crypto is currently stored, and follow the platform-specific instructions to withdraw. 

Let’s say I want to withdraw USDT from Binance and transfer over to hi. I’ll tap on withdraw, paste the deposit address and voila, it’s done. 

Going back to hi, I’ll be able to see that the funds are safe in my wallet and ready for me to preserve, stake or more. 

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