Human Rights Letter Gives the Positive Side of Bitcoin, Cryptos

Human Rights Letter Gives the Positive Side of Bitcoin, Cryptos

The group of 21 activists gave the example of how digital currencies assist people around the entire globe, indicating that “tens of millions” rely on Bitcoin and stablecoins as a method of accessing financial tools. 

Human Rights Activists Take a Dig at the Privileged Crypto Critics in Their Letter Addressed to the Congress

Human rights activists from all over the globe have submitted an open letter to the US Congress expressing their support for “responsible crypto policy” and “praising stablecoins and Bitcoin as crucial tools in anchoring democracy and promoting freedom for tens of millions of people across the globe. 

This letter is coming weeks after another strongly anti-crypto letter was sent to the Congress, purporting to be from the scientific community. However, it had signatures of known crypto-critics and publishers from democratic and high-income countries. 

The group of activists in support of the cryptos included persons from countries that have recently experienced conflicts or economies like Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Venezuela, Nigeria, and North Korea. 

“We write to urge an open-minded, empathetic approach toward monetary tools that are increasingly playing a role in the lives of people facing political repression and economic hardship,” read part of the letter. 

The activists added that they are advocates of democracy and humanitarians who have used cryptos and Bitcoin to assist at-risk people when other options could not work. Therefore, they wished to defend an open monetary system

The group also added that they turned to Bitcoin and Stablecoins in the big struggle for democracy and freedom and that millions of others living in volatile economies or under authoritarian regimes rely on cryptos for the same purpose. 

“Bitcoin and stablecoins offer ungated access to the global economy for people in countries like Nigeria, Turkey, or Argentina, where local currencies are collapsing, broken, or cut off from the outside world,” read the letter. 

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