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Important Update to Membership Tiers and Benefits

Over the last year, hi has prioritised delivering one of the most rewarding debit cards on the market, offering up to 10% in Spend Rewards and access to up to 15 lifestyle subscriptions, depending on membership tier. Feedback from the community has shown that this has been one of the most demanded features of our product family. 

hi is now expanding and strengthening the usability of our Card product and as we progress steadily through the stages of the launch of the hi Physical Debit Mastercard, we’re reviewing our rewards model according to market conditions. 

As previously floated within the community, we are finalizing the movement to the Spend to Earn model (detailed in the “Lite Paper”) with membership tiers based on points earned from activities that contribute to hi

Revamped Membership Program

As we prepare for the launch of the physical hi Debit Cards, our membership program will be revamped to help incentivize member behaviors that drive growth of HI. 

This is achieved through the dissociation of purely staking HI from membership tiers. Instead, we are introducing a points system that will determine the level of rewards and benefits a member receives.

Moving forward, a member’s tier is determined at the beginning of each calendar month based on the number of Status Points he or she has accumulated. 

Existing members will be granted sufficient Status Points at the launch of the membership revamp to retain their membership tier until the end of 2023.

Your Membership Tier is based on the number of Status Points you have at the beginning of each calendar month. 

Status Points are granted for various actions a member undertakes to help grow the ecosystem, and is not exclusively tied to HI purchases or staking. They also come in various expiry periods ranging from 30 days to 365 days, to in rare cases, indefinite.

A cap to the amount of spend rewards and rebates that can be earned on a monthly basis will also be implemented.

Monthly Caps

Very soon, members will be able to order the Physical Card. In order to sustainably grow and continue to offer rewards to our community, we have weighed our options and made will be placing a monthly cap to cashback/rebates based on tiers as follows:

Physical Cards Coming Soon

We’re stoked that very soon, members will be able to order their physical hi Card and continue to earn while they spend! 

In the next App deployment, we’re rolling out the ability to spend with HI and members will be able to buy unlocked HI. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates on our channels. 

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