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Improved Earn Experience

Earn on your Crypto and keep tabs on your yield. Today we introduce a fully revamped Earn experience in the hi App, read on to understand what it means for you. And pssst, don’t forget to update to v.2.0.0. 

We offer up to 40% APY on earnings products, plus up to 25% APY in ‘Interest Boosters’ if you’re a member. 

Customize Your Earn Products

Our Earn products are highly flexible, so you can choose your preferred combination based on Asset Type, Asset Amount, Term Duration, and Payout Frequency.

(If you prefer earning without a lock-up period, you can also opt for Flexible Earn which offers 11% APY in-kind on USDT and 5.5% APY in-kind on ETH.)

You can also enable ‘Auto-Renew’ to continue earning without hassle. At the end of your product term, your principal balance will fund a new Earn product with the same duration and payout frequency. 

Simply go to the Earn page, and you will see a full product menu of Fixed Term Earn.

Note: Fixed Term Earn and Flexible Earn are different. Flexible Earn has no lock-up period and is available for USDT and ETH only. 👉🏻 Learn More

Early Redemption

What if I need my money back before the Term Duration ends? No problem! 

Things can change, and you might need to re-allocate funds for different purposes, especially in this volatile market. We get that. 

Do bear in mind that early redemption is only available for Active Earnings with EOT payout (yield paid out at the end of term). And no yield will be given as the term is not completed before the redemption. Members who apply for early redemption for their Active Earnings can only get back their principal balance. 

To apply for early redemption,

1. Go to the Active Earnings that you would like to end earlier.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Redeem’.

3. Click ‘Confirm’ after checking the Redeem Amount.

Stay on Top of Your Earn Progress

A review of the yield payout progress can be useful in evaluating your asset liquidity and return on investment. 

The newly launched Earn Charts, Summaries, and Details help you keep track of your earning status. 

Lifetime Earn Charts are available in 1 Week / 1 Month / 1 Year time frames at a glance. The chart offers you an overview of the accumulated yield in the set period. 

Yesterday’s Earn concludes the yield generated the day before. It provides a summary of the daily yield paid out for each Active Earnings.

Apart from reviewing how much you’ve earned, you can also anticipate the next yield payout and check the remaining days of the Term Duration by looking at the Earn Details per Active Earnings. 

Stake. Earn. Review. Repeat.

Go to your hi Mobile App and try now:

Need a guide to get started? Watch a quick tutorial HERE.

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