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Introducing: Buy hi Dollars with Credit Card

You can now buy hi Dollars (HI) with your Credit or Debit Card!

Today, we are excited to announce a new, fast and secure way to buy HI using your VISA or MasterCard Credit Card and with NO ADDED FEES whatsoever.

To buy hi Dollars in just a few seconds using your Credit or Debit Card, head to the Web App and Select “Buy” from the menu

Join the Early Investor Community

You are still early, there has never been a better time to Buy HI. 

By purchasing hi Dollars, you become a stakeholder in hi and will be invited into an exclusive investor community on Telegram. What’s more, you get access to premium lifestyle benefits such as MasterClass subscriptions and exclusive 5* Hotel perks – with much more to come! The more hi Dollars you hold, the higher your Membership Tier.

As our Community continues to grow – now with more than 1.8 million members – Buy HI with Credit Card is the latest step in our mission to bring Next Gen Financial Services to the world.

This is still the very beginning of our journey, with many updates to our products and services to be announced over the coming weeks. 


What if my Credit Card purchase transaction doesn’t go through?

Please bear in mind that buying Crypto with a Credit/Debit Card has some restrictions; 

(1) your market may not be supported by our partner 

(2) your card network may not accept Crypto purchases 

(3)  your card provider or issuing bank may not support crypto transactions. 


Thus, there is a chance your purchase will be rejected but rest assured, we are working to expand our acceptance so more of you can get HI!

Have more questions? Head to the FAQ page under hi Dollars to find out more: hi.com/faq

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