Trading Referral Rewards

Introducing Trading Referral Rewards

At hi, empowering our community through active participation and even more reasons to spread the word about hi is a top priority. 

That’s why today, we’re introducing Trading Referral Rewards.

Your Friends Trade, You Earn

Every time one of your direct referrals makes a trade on the hi Exchange, you will earn an additional 20% of the fee generated by their transaction. 

Currently, each trade on the hi Exchange is subject to a 0.2% trading fee in order to support the platform. 

So, the more your friends trade, the more you earn! 

The best part? Your rewards are paid in the currency that your friends trade. So for example, if your friend is a hardcore BTC trader, you earn BTC! If your direct referral trades DOGE, you earn DOGE. 

Your Total Rewards shows the cumulative, all-time Trading referral Rewards that you have earned via your direct friends’ trading activity, displayed in USD. 

Trading Referral Rewards are credited daily, to your Trading Account.

Which Trading Pairs Are Available on the hi Exchange?

There’s over 80 tokens you can currently trade on the hi Exchange. Check out the full list by heading to our Help Center. 

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